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Unlike a hissie fit, a pissie fit can last several days or months.

Where all parties invovled are stubborn and uncooparative, knowing that in the end reconciliation will happen.
It's ok. Its just a pissie fit.. Give it 10 days and it will be like nothing happened.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny November 23, 2010
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The ghayest possible way to write 'Gay'. Used when describing the highest level of gay.

Not used when describing a person's sexual preferences, rather when something is 'not quite right'.
He dyed his hair blue and had his nipple pierced. Oh yeah and he is 40 years old.... Ghaye.

I do not want to go to that ghaye concert in the park.. Get a real venue.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny July 8, 2010
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An opportunity. Most commonly used in skiing and snowboarding, though is also can be used in describing a person.
Jeff came by a want ad and took off to jump the cliff.

Lauren saw a want ad and scored his phone number when her friend went to the bathroom.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny December 4, 2010
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Having a complete meltdown, over something trivial or nothing at all.
Wow, Meadow just had a Mariah Moment because she did not want the book everyone else loved.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny January 30, 2009
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Post Guinness Diarrhea - The gastrointestinal reaction one has after consuming 3 - 4 or more pints of Guinness.
The boss took the group out for drinks, the next morning there was an impromptu meeting in the mens room, due to PGD.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny March 5, 2009
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Dude! Look at that chick's intraboobular groove!!!

Dude, that chick is so squeezed- she has no intraboobular groove, where do you think the sweat beads go?
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny August 2, 2010
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Having unhealthy emotional attachments to people, pets, and possibly inanimate objects.
Miyoko is so CoDependent Marginal Personality with her cats, that she will not let the Veterinarian obtain a temperature, for fear of him hurting Fluffy.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny January 31, 2009
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