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Post Guinness Diarrhea - The gastrointestinal reaction one has after consuming 3 - 4 or more pints of Guinness.
The boss took the group out for drinks, the next morning there was an impromptu meeting in the mens room, due to PGD.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny March 04, 2009
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Pretty Girl Discount: Prefential treatment given to a female by members of the opposite sex.
"They were going to give me an extra installation charge, but I smiled and got the PGD".
by Jay Stevens January 17, 2006
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Post girlfriend disorder is a condition in which one grovels in pitty resulting in severe lonliness, bitterness, and assholeness. Your bros start to notice your negative dimeanor and worry. They try to include you in what should be fun activities but turn horribly wrong and every one just ends up talking about the scorpion women.
Guy 1: "hey man you up for a movie?"
Guy 2: "kerry likes movies (pathetic sigh)."
Guy 1: "you need to get out of this P.G.D. man."
by frankyfarts May 26, 2010
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Post-Grad Depression, the sad feeling that you get when you've graduated from high school or college and you realize that you can't speak to the friends/girlfriends you had anymore on a regular basis.
Stan's just having a little PGD. He should be snapping out of it soon. Most of his girlfriends are on Facebook!
by pentozali August 11, 2011
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To spend your lunch break in the bathroom taking pictures of yourself in the mirror for your next facebook update.
Patti why is your facebook pic PG'd again? Don't you have any friends to take your picture?
by MG Boss January 27, 2011
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(Pretty Girl Disease)-A common ailment among attractive women. It's where attractive women don't have alot of friends cause other women hate on em all the time and dudes are intimidated to approach or just wanna bang. Alot of the ladies on this site will disagree because they have never gone through this, (i.e. NOT "Pretty") but for the chosen few who do know about it, it is very real. I used to use my knowledge of this type of situation to prey on the finest women by tricking them into thinking I am not interested and just wanted to be friends then....GOTCHA!!! For the other dudes who; like myself, would like to benefit, the process can take a while, so make sure she is fine enough to be worth the time. The worst that can happen is you end up with a beautiful girlfriend/wife.

PGD can leave a beautiful woman alone in life forever.
by Chicagorilla January 10, 2008
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