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Another word for Fudge Monkey.
Wow, you really are a fudge munker.
by Danielle May 03, 2004
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A text message, pictures, music or blackmail that can be sent to people via e-mail.
This message is so emailable!
by Danielle October 08, 2003
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super cool amazing girl.
by Danielle September 24, 2003
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Noun, Pl.-ries(1892)1: A style identified and perfected by the lifestyle brand Abercrombie & Fitch 2:Passion for excellence in fabric, make, and wash 3:Intergrating the finest cotton pique, dobby weaves, and highest quality embroidered details to create the ultimate in casual, body conscious clothing 4:Implementing and/or incorperating time honored machinery and techniques (as antique denim looms and handcrafted wear and tear) in order to produce the most exclusive denim ever creaked 5;Pushing the limits to design/construct superior polos that are unsurpassed in comfort, quality, and original intricacies.
All Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing representing cool and comfortable while still being trendy and fashionable
by Danielle April 10, 2005
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a skanky hoe who can't get none and "bounces," from man to man, but is always bounced back b\c her ass is very, "burgerish,"
"I told that girl to get back. She was nothing but a bounced burger."
by Danielle January 24, 2005
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word used to describe some one who has had drugs and is feeling the effects.
Dam Johny only took one hit and hes tweekin out.
by Danielle November 29, 2004
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means for sure or allright then or great or for real or really-
comes from the word fer sher- but in the American languge every word can get morre ghetto..er
Person 1- Man billy your mom is sure fat.
Billy- fo sho, we need to stop going to KFC and getting the extra large chicken leg combo meal.
by Danielle November 29, 2004
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