"Long time no see" means: I have not seen you for a long time.

It is a grammatically comical greeting with English words organized by Chinese grammar. In Chinese there is an everyday greeting "Hao jiu mei jian" which corresponds with "long time no see", literally word by word. It is said that "Long time no see" was first used by Chinese-Americans.
Long time no see! Cuban ex-President Fidel Castro makes a rare photographed appearance.
by zhw7 September 3, 2009
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greeting. used to discribe a positive feeling of remeet old friends.
"long time no see, John! Where have you been this month?"
"Canada, I went to see my daughter there."
by raogaoqi October 29, 2013
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Something an non-funny person who has just seen you recently says when there trying to be funny. Often said by annoying relatives or douchy friends.
Douchy Friend Who Has Just Seen Frank: Hey Frank! Long time no see.

Frank: Dude not now, at least hold your douchyness untill there done reading the Jeff's final words!
by DamanCrazy April 2, 2010
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hosszú idő nem látás
Hi Kick, long time no see!
by real trap shit August 16, 2015
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