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Taking a 1 dollar bill and using human poo if possible, or dog poo, smearing it on the dollar and placing it on the ground in a public place preferably with drunk people(concerts, sporting events, college campus) and wait for someone to pick it up
We placed the poodollar down in the parking lot of the concert and a drunk kid came by and put it in his pocket
by Ethan Oster September 17, 2003
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A dollar bill with which you wipe your ass, then leave on the ground so that someone else picks up a dollar that has been in your ass. Similar to "Ass Pennies"
Don't pick up that dollar bill ... It's a poo dollar!
by James Cobbins May 31, 2004
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The art of wipping ones rear end after defication with a dollar bill in a public place. The one dollar note is then folded, crumpled, and/or placed face down in a public place with the aim that someone else will pick it up and get feces on them or their person.
Oh snap thats shit on that dollar bill, someone left me a poo dollar.
by Gavin F October 02, 2006
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A dollar bill smeared with poo, strategically placed to be picked up by an unsuspecting bypasser.
"When my friend picked up that dollar bill off the floor everyone started changing poodollar poodollar poodollar" ~Andrew O'Connell
by Danielle June 14, 2003
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You wrap a poo or chewed up chocolate in a doller bill so you can only see the dollar and wait for people to pick it up. When they do, they soon relize there is a poo in the dollar. Some people put the dollar back or throw it away and some take the dollar with them. If the person takes the dollar you yell POO DOLLAR at them.
PERSON 1: Ew there's shit in this dollar but I'll still take it anyway.
by onaebla June 25, 2006
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A game where you spread human feces on one side of a dollar bill and place it on the side-walk, poo side down and wait for someone to walk by and pick it up. When someone picks it up you must scream 'poo dollar' at them as loud as you can and then point and laugh. See also poo dollar,poodollar,poop dollar
That chick must be really hard up for cash, she kept the poo dollar.
by Captain Fatsack January 06, 2004
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poo dollar is a serious game only some people can play. you put either real poo or fake poo in a dollar, put it in a public place and watch people pick it up, once they do you laugh your ass off at them, and scream poo dollar!
Ginny: omg poo dollar is the funnist thing in the world!
Shannon: Ginny u copyed that game from taylor your a stupid copyer, you cant play it at all you dont even scream POO DOLLAR! when they pick it up
Ginny: I think I'm good at it!
Shannon: You suck.
by BTTB92 June 29, 2006
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