a very interesting song by britney spears. it is her second single off of her album by blackout. this song has some interesting vocals, in the beginning there is an interesting kind of chicken bucking sound. wow. it is interesting. then comes some good lyrics, and okay music. the lyrics rock, there are a few that are the best, one particularly funny lyric is: "i'm the one most likely to be in the magazines for stripping on the streets when i'm out buying groceries, now for real are you kidding me?" honestly, that is hilarious!
have you heard piece of me by britney spears?


oh. bye. you suck.
by silentfridge November 14, 2007
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A fight. a chance to hit someone that will incur a return hit
-"do u want a piece of me". this guy is basically saying he's harder than the shmuck who's harrassing him
by wonderool March 23, 2004
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1)Popularized song by Britney Spears
2)Something that everyone wants
Earl:You wanna piece of me?
Edna: Oh yeah
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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Neil: hey dude you've got a bad choice!
Mark: Dude! Do you want a piece of me? !! :P
by Aphrodite Lefonte December 19, 2011
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