A shy girl that is very smart and pretty.She can be a shiksha,but who knows because names don't describe a person.When you get to know her she will start opening up and talk more to you.She's honest with most of the things you say,but if you get on her nerves she'll ignore you and pretend you are not there.If she's crushing you probably can't tell because she hides the feelings very well.Tends to look mad or sad when tired,but really is probably feeling something else.Will read the hell out of people.She knows when you're staring and can be a shiksha.
Edna is very trustworthy.
by mint sugar April 9, 2015
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A very attractive lady with class. Shes very dedicated to her friends and family. She has a sense of humor unlike any other. Shes curtious, considerate, honest, loyal, gentle, kind, beautiful on the inside as well as the out. Good sense of fashion. Theres never a dull moment when shes around.
Call edna you can always count on her
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The most beautiful prettiest cutest amazing girl you would ever meet she don’t guve a fuck and would beat a bitch up in 2.543 seconds she don’t do love and will break a friendship if they fake she will love you endless if you give her your heart she can be sweet but doesn’t like to look weak
by Russll July 17, 2019
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Some beleave this is a term thats has to do with a young women looking like she is much older than she is but it is not. it is just a name and a name can not describe what a person is like even if all the people you know with a specific name are all similar it doesnt mean everyone one is like that.
Not all people with the name edna are the same
by sick-of-losers June 28, 2009
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that hot woman from the incredibles inspired the tacuache haircut.Honestly the only reason why everybody watched the movie.
by ZOOMpuntocom February 2, 2020
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A BBCW, a big beautiful chocolate woman
She ain't no whale, she's a BBCW - Kelsey to Edna
by kcsknowsbest February 6, 2022
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