1)Bird-like sound
2)Noise-made during Britney Spear's "Piece of Me" song.
Britney: OH-UH, oh yeah, OH-UH, oh yeah...
Edna: OMG, Britney, I love you!
Chris: Leave Britney Alone!
by Daniel.Druff January 18, 2008
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An appropriate way of saying holy s****!!!!
Can also be a sort of heads up to the public that you are gonna due a BEND AND SNAP which could possibly physically hurt someone...
uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh I forgot my girlfriend at that sportsbar and she was 100% DRUNK.... but i'm not going back...!!!
ech hem.. uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh (this is when you bend and snap.)
by Lilis March 11, 2009
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oh, uh uh......you did NOT just say that to me!
by Derek Shultz August 16, 2005
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a way of saying oh hell no dat aint cute, or dat aint cool,etc
oh uh uh oh oh uh uh she did not just jump in our picture with her ugly self
by destani robinson May 18, 2008
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something you usually dont want to hear somebody else say!!!
The hairdresser whispered "uh-oh..." after she cut a chunk of hair off the poor little girl.

Lindsay's boyfriend pulled out and gently said "uh-oh..." as he showed her the broken condom.
by UHoh... August 11, 2005
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What a girl usually says a few months after unprotected sex
Concerned friend = that's the fifth time today you have thrown up, are you alright.

Chick = yeah, just been feeling a little sick lately

Concerned friend = do you remember that massive as party a while back

Chick = yeah most of it, why?

Concerned friend = so you don't remember doing that guy then

Chick = .... Uh Oh
by Jonno the Ninja March 22, 2009
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