Slooter is the most extreme form of a slut. Slooters can be found in clubs around the world or even in your local beaches. Slooters will do anything and everything to get in your pants. So beware of the slooters!
Man that girl was such a slooter at the club!
by Jonathan Mcghee May 12, 2004
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The ultimate form of a slut. Beware of slooters. They will do anything to get some D.
That bitch Cassidy Baker is a fucking slooter she got fingered at a party in front of everyone then a video of it ended up on Facebook the next day.
by Daddddddy October 03, 2010
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The act of trying to sleep with as many people as possible, at all possible times. Included but not limited to: being Stoned, Drunk, Stoned and Drunk, Passed out with sharpie all over your face, or even after masturbating in radio stations. Slooters also tend to hang out with other Slooters. When one Slooter is around there are usually more, because true Slooters slang together.
Strokeman is a Slooter!
by Brett S. August 01, 2005
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NOT A SLUT... A slut fucks ehoever... A slooter only fucks who she wants
Not a chance.. I'm a slooter not a slut...
by Sunshine805 October 23, 2018
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A cross between a slut and a looter - like a gold digger, only more in the moment (i.e. social situations, bars) as opposed to long term (i.e. marriage). A slooter provides 1st and 2nd base sexual favors in exchange for drinks at the bar or other such expenditures.
Man, this chick has made out with 4 dudes since we got here - what a dirty slooter!
by Thee Falcon July 13, 2010
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This is a definition that in compasses a wide range of "slutty" activities. These girls are not even bangable by the fattest dork in the world. These girls are so buttfaced that they should join the circus.However still find their way to get banged when these girls get guys so drunk that they don't realize that they are about to get busy with a donkeyfaced gorilla looking hoe.
" Jared did u hook up with that slooter agian?"
" you should go to the clinic i think that slooter has herpes."
" that melissa girl was a slooter"
by Daniel Cohen July 22, 2006
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