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7 definitions by Daem0n

Portmanteau of "faux" and "philosophy," literally "fake knowledge"

Pertains to any extended and long-winded argument that may make sense, but has absolutely no meaning whatsoever or use in any real-life context.

Also has nothing to do with the actual study of knowledge and metaphysical understanding.
"If you like catgirls, you are a furry."

"Wait, what? Where did that come from? Besides, catgirls have fur on the ears only, while furries are furry everywhere. There's a clear distinction."

"But where is the logical distinction between where furries end and catgirls begin? Is there a limit? If a catgirl has a single strand of fur on her arm, does that make her a furry?" And what is the catgirl transforms into a furry, what is she then? How can we distinguish what is catgirl from what is furry? This is truly the question of our times."

"Your fauxlosophy is ridiculous, and somewhere Aristotle is rolling over in his grave."
by Daem0n October 25, 2011
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The disease of the lonely and pathetic, characterized by a marked lack of any sort of friends. It is speculated that not even the mother of one with this condition even cares for him or her, and there is no known cure nor will there ever be one.
"Why does this guy keep trying to hang with us all the time? He's like a satellite..."

"Oh, he's got no friends. Must be nofriendsdiseaseitis."
by Daem0n February 10, 2009
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If a ginger is someone with blazing hair and alabaster white skin, someone who is gingeresque has all of the qualities of a ginger, such as inherent sexiness, a sultry disposition, and catastrophic weakness against the sun, but lacks the trademark red hair of the ginger.
Guy: "These gingerbread cookies taste incredible. They taste even better than an actual ginger!"

Pale-skinned Blonde Girl: "Dude. Ew. This is one of those times I'm really happy I'm only gingeresque."

Guy: "Close enough. Yum."
by Daem0n December 12, 2012
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The marriage of two Japanese luxury cars.
"Is it just me, or is that IS 300 quite intimate with that RX 350?"

"Say you're right, it must be a Lexus Nexus."
by Daem0n May 26, 2009
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A chronic disease in which the infected patient feels an incessant and urgent need to vocalize various profanities, the most prominent being "penis." It is spread, literally, by word of mouth; once an innocent bystander hears an infect person yell "penis" for no apparent reason, they will succumb to the irresistible urge to reply in kind. (True to scientific nomenclature, the name is a portmanteau of the progenitor and a similarly fast-spreading disease.)
You: "'re gay."
Him: "...Penis!"
You: "Penis indeed."
Him: "..."
You: "Penis!"
Someone Else: "OH NOES! You gots teh LOGAIDS!"
by Daem0n April 20, 2009
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In any "plant the bomb in the enemy base" type gametype such as Sabotage in an online multiplayer 1st person shooter, in this case Call of Duty 4, botany is the act of running into enemy territory and heroically planting the bomb while under enemy fire ("Planting" the Bomb, thus Botany).

There is a certain amount of skill involved in this endeavor, and only the most skillful Botanists can achieve the highest title of the field, Grandmaster of Botany.
The Masters of the Botanical Arts (Botany) are able to slip in with a well-placed smoke grenade and arm the bomb with the entire enemy team still alive, avoiding a barrage of bullets and most likely an air strike right on top of the target. They then proceed to protect their "plant" and will most likely die in the bomb explosion, presumably taking a few of the opposition with him.
by Daem0n August 6, 2009
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The opposite of overnight. If overnight is defined as the period from day through night to the next day, undernight is defined as moving from night through day into the next night.

Essentially means "daytime."

Synonymous with overday, if such a word existed.
"I'm staying at a friend's place overnight."

"Oh yeah? I'll be there undernight today, I might see you there before I leave."

by Daem0n October 25, 2011
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