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A fraction that you might have to deal with when doing a college-level homework problem. It doesn't necessarily have to contain X or any other variable, but it does have to have to be a numerator-denominator combination that you would not normally see in everyday life. The reason the number is written as a fraction is because writing it as a decimal would require imprecise rounding off and/or because it must be added, subtracted, or multiplied with a similar fraction.
Okay, so we just got through establishing that:

(61/99)X = (8/49) + (56/22)Y + (45/38) - (1/36)Y{(14/45) - (31/29)Y} - (2/7)X + (1/18)XX

can be simplified as:
(625/693)X = (2509/1862) + (1/18)XX + (22603/8910)Y + (31/1044)YY

which can be further simplified as:
X = (1738737/1163750) + (77/1250)XX + (1740431/618750)Y + (2387/72500)YY

*loud sigh* There!! Now that we're done with that headache, I don't want to see another exotic fraction for the rest of the day!
by Daedalus Suburbanus February 20, 2012
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A diet that one begins after New Year's Day. A person can either go on a New Year's diet as part of a New Year's resolution to eat healthier and/or lose weight, or simply for the purpose of losing a few holiday pounds. New Year's diets generally work best when combined with frequent, intense exercise.
I've probably gained five to ten pounds since Thanksgiving, so tomorrrow I'll be starting my New Year's diet. That means zero meat until February, as little junk food as possible, and medium-sized portions only. I also plan on hitting the gym at least three times a week.
by Daedalus Suburbanus January 1, 2014
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A term that collectively refers to all the TV shows featuring Gordon Ramsay. That includes Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, The F Word, MasterChef, and Hotel Hell. All of them feature Gordon Ramsay being Gordon Ramsay. He's one of the best chefs in the world and has extremely high standards. When he encounters stupidity or bad food, he bluntly — if not furiously — calls it out, and he's perfectly willing to make a scene in the process. In America, Ramsey World is on the air almost year-round: at least one show will be on at any time; and when one of the shows featuring Ramsey goes on hiatus, the new season of one of the other series will premiere within a couple of weeks at most.
Right now, Hell's Kitchen is about halfway through the season. Kitchen Nightmares just ended, the new season of MasterChef is about to start, and there'll be a new season of Hotel Hell at some point; so Ramsay World is going to be on for at least several more months.
by Daedalus Suburbanus May 21, 2013
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A singer who takes two sentences to tell us she has to have a bowl of cereal in the morning.
REBECCA BLACK: Gotta have my bowl. Gotta have cereal.
LISTENER: Now why the heck didn't she just say, "Gotta have my bowl of cereal?".
by Daedalus Suburbanus April 8, 2011
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When somebody calls you when you're about to start something, in the middle of something, or just want to be left alone. The caller just won't let you go and just keeps on talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. The caller might talk about subjects that you don't know anything about and/or have absolutely no interest in, and just when it seems like he or she is about to let you go, he or she jumps on to a whole new subject. You can be stuck in this situation for hours.
phone rings

VICTIM: Hello?
PHONECUFFER: Hey, there's this one really weird question on the physics homework
VICTIM: Okay, let's see…

10 minutes later

PHONECUFFER: Yeah, thanks man.
VICTIM: No problem.
PHONECUFFER: By the way, did you hear about that idiot?
VICTIM: Oh yeah!

16 minutes later

PHONECUFFER: But then I realized that 5 Hour Energy is better than Vault.
VICTIM: That's cool, but I've got this paper that's due in 72 hours.

27 minutes later

PHONECUFFER: And so I dug it up on YouTube last night and I thought it was mediocre.
PHONECUFFER: I mean people think he's an idiot…
VICTIM: Un-huh
PHONECUFFER: But really he can be hilarious, like when…
VICTIM: (thinks "I have a paper to work on and he's talking about the crappiest move that was ever made.")

38 minutes later

PHONECUFFER: But then I realized that if you stand eight feet away, you get the most accuracy.
VICTIM: That's cool, but I really need to work on that paper.

22 minutes later

PHONECUFFER: So he just stared off into space and was like "Whoa!".
VICTIM: (monotone) That's weird. (thinks "I've told him about the paper six times and he's still phonecuffing me!")
by Daedalus Suburbanus June 1, 2010
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1: The most hilarious line ever spoken in King of the Hill. Hank Hill said this in Episode 10 of Season 1. Why was it so great? Well first, can you picture Hank Hill using a blender? Second, a blender is not something you can just leave on, because it's only on when you hold down the button.

2: A bizarre excuse to step outside for a cigarette when you don't want people to know you smoke.

*Hank and Peggy are in bed.*
HANK: Uh, I got to go do some stuff. I think I might have left the blender turned on.
*Hank gets out of bed, goes outside, and lights up a cigarette.*
by Daedalus Suburbanus March 21, 2011
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An item that is normally worn at sporting events to show support for a team; but as Miley Cyrus has demonstrated, it can also be used to touch yourself or someone else sexually.
Miley Cyrus showed the world a whole new use for a foam finger at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards by touching Robin Thicke's crotch and then her own with it. Now people are never going to look at foam fingers the same way again.
by Daedalus Suburbanus August 28, 2013
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