1. One of the best Hamilmemes.
2. That one 'friend' that always tries to include themself, but then ends up being the hot one with the best voice.
by Awesome. Wow. November 28, 2016
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1. A phrase that at least once a week, every true Hamilton fan must yell at the top of their lungs (better in a group)
2. Represents someone who is always left behind and/or forgotten
1. *To group of friends who love Hamilton* Angelica... Eliza... AND PEGGY!
2. *Damn it, they forgot about me again* And Peggy you guys!
by Natbq101 January 6, 2018
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And Peggy is possibly THE MOST popular phrase in Hamilton. And Peggy is just the lyric of Marguerite "Peggy" Schuyler
Angelica: Angelicaaaaa

Peggy: and peggy --
by bitchitsjustme April 19, 2019
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So underrated she became overrated.
“And Peggy!”
by Dear_Zoe_Murphy October 25, 2018
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The most beautiful, most caring and most loving person on this world. She always has a space for a new person in her heart but if you ever get on her bad side she will rip your wind pipe out.
That girl over there's crazy, she must be a peggy
by Loveyapeggy March 25, 2017
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Peggy is a sweet girl. She has her secrets though. You may see her as a happy and joyful person. But for her to be honest, she’s shattered. She says she’s fine, she’s not. All she wants is to just be the happy Peggy she is for just a day. A day of no problems. That’s all she needs. Peggy just needs someone to wrap her arms around her and tell her “it’s going to be okay”

If that’s what Peggy can get, then she’ll have a real smile.
Peggy is a great friend. You should totally meet her!
by DandyMorticia May 31, 2018
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Best character-I mean person you’ll ever meet.

And Peggy.
Angelica....Eliza.....aND PEGGY
by ZeraFT March 16, 2018
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