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The Georgian word for "the day after tomorrow". There's actually no equivalent word in English.
Today is Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday, and zeg is Friday. Zeg evening, I'm heading straight to a bar as soon as I get off work.
by Daedalus Suburbanus July 28, 2013
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A gamer, who loves lego, they are usually very bad at playing games. Many of them love loli and nekos.
They are quite good at combat, although they tend to ignore people quite a lot.
They watch way too much anime, and frequently get detentions.
The enjoy ignoring people and sometimes have poor taste in games.
They love playing Roblox High School 2, a known bad game.
That dude is such a zeg! He is a typical weaboo sitting in his mom's basement!
by thetruthteller109 June 01, 2019
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