The Georgian word for "the day after tomorrow". There's actually no equivalent word in English.
Today is Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday, and zeg is Friday. Zeg evening, I'm heading straight to a bar as soon as I get off work.
by Daedalus Suburbanus July 28, 2013
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my girlfriend and very hot and very very cute and very very very very amazing and lovely to talk to and super cute and im in love with her so much so that every love song makes me associate myself to her and i cant stop thinking about her
by orbaf April 4, 2021
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best, cutest, hottest, sweetest, prettiest, smartest girl to ever exist and so pretty if you date her you're the luckiest man ever cherish and protect her at all costs cuz she's the absolute best and no one ever is better than her so cute and perfect
zeg's the best girkyfried ever i would die for her
by orbaf April 1, 2021
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A single word to be used for "the day after tomorrow" borrowed from the Georgian language.
Phonemic pronounciation: zɛg
I'm going to a concert zeg. I cannot wait!
by HugMe360 October 7, 2021
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A simple word in Georgian language which means "the day after tomorrow".
1. When will you stop by? I will stop by zeg (instead of lengthy "the day after tomorrow")
2. I will tell Liza Sarchimelia about my feelings zeg
by Hugh_Jass_head December 13, 2021
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Zeg is the Arabic word for lovely, i highly recommend that you use it when you visit an Arab country
Arab: you should call your Arab girlfriend Zeg
Non Arab: aawww cause she’s lovely
Arab: whatever you say
by SalehMoAlameer August 2, 2020
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Used by Cvetelina Yaneva(a famous bulgarian pop folk singer) in one of her songs-Vlez zeg
From Ducht zeg zeg means-say
by PanataeBog May 15, 2020
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