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Main character from the TV show King of the Hill. Successfully used crack as fishing bait. Hoped to sell propane and propane accessories even as a child (if his grades were good enough). Has an irrational hatred of charcoal and Thatherton Fuels. Drinks as much (if not more) beer as Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin, but for some reason is not thought of as a alcoholic like Homer and Peter.
Hank Hill was born in the ladies room at Yankee Stadium, not in Texas.
by A.C. Sativa May 01, 2012
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Derived from "Squillionaire," "squill" is a dereogatory term for anyone who accumulates, flaunts, hoardes, or otherwise posseses wealth beyond reason.
Uugh, look at that squill parking his Lambo in the bike lane.

This fucking squill bought herself a Gucci handbag last week and gave $5 to my GoFundMe for insulin.

My landlord raised the rent again but they still wont fix the leaky roof. What a squill!
by Carnegie Freeman May 23, 2019
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Star of t.v. show on Fox "King of the Hill" Father of Bobby Hill, husband of Peggy Hill, son of Cotton Hill.
Hank Hill: I sell propane and propane accessories
by Josh August 13, 2004
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A character from a popular T.V. show called "King of the Hill". He's a Texan who works at a propane co. called Strickland Propane as a assistant manager selling Propane and propane accessories.

Has a wife name Peggy and they have son named Bobby. His only child due to his "Narrow Urethra"

He drives a red pick up truck.

Has a neice, Luanne .

Use to Play High School football.

Is really born in New York. Which he used to be ashamed of.

Hank Hill Quotes

Hank: We sell propane and propane accessories.

Hank:Bobby, if you weren't my son, I'd hug you

Hank: Dang it Dale. I'm going to kick your ass.

Hank: BAWHH!!

Hank: I'll tell ya what...
by Hankhill101 August 26, 2008
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a texan who loves is lawn, loves his tools, loves his truck, loves his job, loves his state, and most of all, loves his propane.
dude, i would not want hank hill to be my dad
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 29, 2005
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The main character from "King of the Hill" who is an ass kicker.
Everybody knows that he can kick your ass.
Hank Hill: Dang it Dale. I'm going to kick your ass.
by Arrowdance December 09, 2008
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A popular cartoon T.V. dad on the FX show King of the Hill. He lives with his family Peggy (wife), Bobby (son), Ladybird (dog), and Luanne (niece) in the fictional Texas city of Arlen. He is a true, hard-working, tell-it-like-it-is American dad. His best friends are Dale Gribble, Bill, and Boomhower. Hank is more conservative and right-leaning, and, as a result, has greater family values and stronger morals than others. His friends tend to do stupid or mean things that often piss him off.
Hank: Dammit Dale! I'm gonna kick yer ass!
Me: Why does it always have to be about you and asses? (laughter)
by Journey Fan May 25, 2005
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