10 definitions by DJ Conan

1) one who has the ability to improvise on a phonograph turntable
2) "one who uses the turntable in the spirit of a musical instrument" (Dj Babu)
3) a musician; a hip-hop disc jockey who in a live/spontaeneous situation can manipulate or restructure an existing phonograph recording (in combination with an audio mixer) to produce or express a new composition that is unrecognizable from its original ingredients.
by DJ Conan December 5, 2003
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When a girl wears jeans that are way too tight for her, and the flab around her hips HANGS OVER the top of her jeans.
Dude, did you see that? That girl had a huge hangover.
by DJ Conan December 5, 2003
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Equivelant to "I'm fine, thanks." Can be found in many different forms(See examples)
Someone asks you: "Sup, dude?"
You say:
"Chillin' like a villain"
"Chillin', killin'"(Scary Movie)
OR for the extremely bored:
"Chillin', killin', and blood spillin' like a motha f**kin villain"
by DJ Conan December 5, 2003
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A musical note of definite pitch, created when moving a piece of vinyl back and forth in a rhythmic fashion under a needle on a phonographic turntable. Accidentally discovered (and later perfected) by Grand Wizzard Theodore.
"In fact I can't see, or can't imagine, a man who ain't a lover of beats, or a fan of scratchin'." - Eminem - "Infinite"
by DJ Conan April 12, 2004
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To have sex with someone. (Usually not used in the presence of the person it refers to)
by DJ Conan December 5, 2003
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