just another way of expressin' lyrics.
"I know it ain't eazy, rhyme spillin', but that ain't no justification to rhyme stealin'."

Andre Hicks/ Romp in peace
by Furly Ghost July 5, 2005
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She gave me a nice handjob, next thing you know im spilling kids on the couch.
by Godless A.F. September 20, 2003
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To gossip, or share peoples personal business with others....
Person 1 "Omg yesterday she had spent the night over at ray rays house but her boyfriend didn't know, they be fuckin i just know it"

Person 2 "oooo gurl you're spillin tea!"
by Michaeldsgfsdfsdf August 10, 2008
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the state in which your body is filled with more alcohol than it knows what to do with; usually followed by behavior your friends won't let you forget, but your black out won't let you remember; often used in conjunction with "filled to the rim"
"I can't remember what happened last night. I was straight filled to the rim and spillin' over!"

"Dino showed us his balls last night...He musta been spillin' over..."
by Anne Apple July 5, 2006
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Male. To ejaculate in a place other than a vagina.
Did you see Ashley? I'm puttin' her straight in the spank bank and using her for spillin' seed.
by mikewin September 9, 2010
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Another term for masturbating or jacking off (flapping your "noodle" so that you ejaculate resulting in pleasure)
Guy 1: Hey why weren't you out with Monica yesterday?

Guy 2: Because she won't suck me off, so I decided I would rather go spillin' the cream fillin'.
by DoctorGoodWood June 2, 2010
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