a) A very common Chinese surname
b) An ancient brand of computer systems
b) Penis, see dong, schlong, dork, johnson, cock, prick, dick
Ad placed in the papers by a computer seller in the 80's:
by Hugh G Rection September 16, 2003
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1) A very common Chinese surname(meaning KING in chinese)
2) An ancient brand of computer systems
3) Penis, dong, schlong, dork, johnson, cock, prick, dick
4) The jaw, jawbone, or cheek bone.
5) A slap; a blow.
6) A unit of measuring internet coolness
Mr. Wang just pulled out his wang(penis) and wanged(slap) you in the wang(the jaw).

RE:WANG! WANG!!!111! as in 2 internet coolness points.
by JWang April 29, 2005
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What you whip out when a job interview isn't going well.
"You have a lot of resumes to go through? I might hear back from you in a week or so? Here, maybe this'll change your mind..." and you whip out your wang.
by Pumpkin1981 February 6, 2010
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A strong, interesting, identifiable, tangy, or zesty flavor or scent.
by KimbieLynn December 30, 2005
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Slang term for penis. See also: Cock, Dick, Pecker, One-Eyed Trouser Snake, One-Eyed Champ, the Purple Headed Warrior, and, of course, what your mother craves. With me. Last night.
"Man, you guys are a bunch of wangs"
"You've just been wanged"
"And, in other news, wang"

by "Steve" December 27, 2007
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To 'wang' is the process of discarding an item (for example a banana skin) and propelling it uncontrollably without aim through the air.
Mark: What shall I do with this banana skin?
Steph: Just wang it over that railing
Mark: I can't just wang it over there
by mrschneebs February 17, 2020
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