13 definitions by Cryptic

Nailing one's scrotum to a small cross-like object.
Man, he boned my sister! Let's initiate some testicular crucifixion on his ass.
by Cryptic May 5, 2005
A word that has no particular meaning. However, Nigerians tend to take great offense to it.
"Bung chung."
"Moyo wangu wanituma mwema!"
by Cryptic September 8, 2005
Similar to the doo rag, except worn around one's scrotum.
He wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny Yellow polka dot scrotal doo rag
That he wore for the first time today
by Cryptic May 10, 2005
A thin line of hair found at the tip of one's penis.
Eric shaved his dickstache. Michelle noticed a positive change in her sex life.
by Cryptic June 30, 2005
1. Female webmaster.
2. A female who programs, designs, and/or creates a web site.
The sorority's web site is not working properly; I will contact the webmistress of the problem.
by Cryptic March 5, 2004
Similar to snarf, except resulting in spontaneous ass leakage.
He anally snarfed, then the whole room smelled like chocolate milk and ass.
by Cryptic June 1, 2005