My mom came home when I was nailing Susan in the ass!
by tinasss February 16, 2017
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The word nailing is another word for picking up a one night stand.
For example you are out with the boys on a Saturday night at a seedy Irish pub necking stubbies with the boys, it's about 2 am and your toey as a Roman sandle. Your standards are very weak at this time and you settle for the easiest target which is usually a larger girl, an older one, or one with red hair and many freckles. Once you have picked up this fine young lady you then take her back to your mates and give her a good nailing, once done you send your mates a text message saying nailed.
by Victor Small August 26, 2005
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To prevail,to win,to triumph.
Can you believe it,they really won,they nailed it.
by BlackPohatu November 30, 2016
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fucking hard. The kind of guy you wouldn't mess with under any condition, like Gary Busey in Lethal Weapon. Normally quite squat, very powerfully built. People who are Nails shirk off car/plane crashes as if they have grazed their knee. Crazy russians who wrestle bears are nails.
faaaaking ell.. large Larry took aht 20 cozzers before they got the cuffs on im... then he chewed off 'is own aaand to escape. E's fucking nails I tell yah.
by chavspotting April 30, 2004
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you completed a task successfully or got something right . ie :You nailed it to the cross.
" Oh man I rocked that test... PIMP"
" Ya... me too ... I nailed it!"
by carl June 19, 2006
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Nailing it: Nailed it (Past Tense):
1. Accomplishing or completing some with the utmost amount of competence, style, talent etc.

2. Nailing it is hitting it on the head with perfection and your aim true.
3. In a debated or other verbal sparing you nail it when your opposing person acknowledges that he can see your


Similar to: Knocked it right out of the park. Aced it.
Did you watch that audition on "Dancing with the Stars", they nailed it. That's why they got all 9's.

I took my final exams today and I know I just nailed it!

That candidate is nailing it on the topic of health care over the other guy.
by NoJail4You September 1, 2017
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