10 definitions by Cray Cray J

When you are gay and you get a prostate exam for the first time
Gay man: “How was the doctors appointment, honeybunch?”
Gay husband: “Fantabulous! We had assfun together!”
Gay man: “Wha...”
by Cray Cray J June 6, 2018
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Why are you looking up “Illinois” on urbandictionary?!

Don’t you people have jobs?!
Illinois is a US state that borders Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and Wisconsin.
by Cray Cray J May 27, 2020
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I visited my grandpa at the assisted living facility last Thursday, and I walked in the room just to see a Horny Helen from two doors down going to town on old Gramps.
by Cray Cray J July 24, 2019
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The redneck, Republican, idiotic governor of Georgia since 2019 who cheated in the 2018 gubernatorial election. He also praises President Donald Trump like he’s God. Kemp is extremely politically-incorrect, as he pointed a gun at a teenager in his advertisement campaign to show that he supports the second amendment, and he said he’ll drive around in his truck to “pick up illegals himself”.

He also says that he didn’t know that the coronavirus is an asymptomatic virus so he was one of the last state governors to issue a stay-at-home order.
Dang...Governor Brian Kemp sure has made Georgia the laughing stock of the nation.
by Cray Cray J May 14, 2020
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The loud sex that rednecks have in the state of Alabama, in which the whole family joins in to have some fun!
Guy from Atlanta: Damn! I can hear all that Alabama lovin’ from 100 miles away!
by Cray Cray J April 2, 2019
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A very boring and complicated class that you should only take if you want to stress your balls out.
Why the hell did I take honors chemistry?! This class is harder than my nipples!
by Cray Cray J April 2, 2019
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The 10th month of the fucking year.

This is when you have all the sex you can before “No Nut November.”
Yay! It’s Fucktober! Can’t wait to get laid in a scary way!
by Cray Cray J March 25, 2019
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