The 10th month of the fucking year.

This is when you have all the sex you can before “No Nut November.”
Yay! It’s Fucktober! Can’t wait to get laid in a scary way!
by Cray Cray J March 25, 2019
The 10th month of the calendar year, when all the fckboys come out to play before the sluttiest holiday of the year otherwise known as Halloween. October 31st marks the peak night of Fucktober aka All Fuckboys Eve.
"Why are all these guys booty calling me lately? I haven't talked to them in months."
"Wait, it's October 1st. Fucktober is upon us."
by biancathebeamer October 29, 2015
A day in october where you will get fucked but you wont know when or where it will happen so you will live in fear for the month of October.
by Monsterwhipper February 14, 2019