A reference to something supposed to be known, but not explicitly mentioned; a covert indication; indirect reference; a hint.
The boys were punished for the incident that sent a shockwave of panic across the nation.
by brian July 26, 2004
refers to the all-encompassing capacity of a UFC fighter; greater than elusive; the capacity to use everything and to avoid everything all at the same time
ie. Lyoto Machida is an "allusive fighter." (sic)
by gigi la boomboom October 26, 2009
When something you see happening in everyday life is exactly like something you read in a book, or saw in a movie.
When I walked in on my son having sex with a pie, it was like an optical allusion to that movie I saw!
by ae34 March 25, 2008
An indirect although not accidental reference to a Greek or Roman legend. This form of writing is often used in poetry. It is used repeatedly in Romeo and Juliet as well.
A classical allusions from Romeo and Juliet- "From forth day's path and Titan's fiery wheels"
by Sheepchick May 13, 2006
When titties look bigger than they really are. Most often due to the manner in which the titties are dressed/displayed.
Dude, i was so bummed when she took her shirt off, total optical allusion titties, they were tiny.

"yeah, there not that big, there optical allusion titties" - Mello
by T-sett September 22, 2009
Some shitty game made by Klevinoroto
"Hey man what's that game with the shitty references?"
"Oh you mean Allusions!"
"Yeah, remember what klev said on april 23rd, 2019 at 12:26AM?"
by Thug Shaker September 17, 2022