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A cute-looking chick with cat ears, a tail, and maybe paws and a few patches of fur. Catgirls usually act rather cat-like and always succeed in being very very cute and sexy.

Catgirls walk the line between Furry and anime. They have made furries of anime fans, and anime fans of furries.
Catgirls are cat-tastic!
by Mattersy January 09, 2004
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If they were ever real (Even if it was just one) every anime fan in the world would likely honour her as some sort of god or ruler of the planet in a matter of days after the existence was proven.
All world order would crumble and rise from the ashes within a matter of days with everyone following the one Catgirl (Probably more but who cares one would be enough to do this) to lead us all into a new era that would be like it is now but just much nicer knowing that your ruler of the world was a catgirl or catgirls
Anime fan: A Catgirl exists

Every Anime fan in existence: Hail to the new Catgirl ruler of us all!!!!!! *All politics of the world crumble in one beautiful moment*

Anime fan: Today was a good day for all anime fans *Does vulcan catgirl salute*
by Meta Tam When Hi Non June 09, 2009
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In anime a girl with feline characteristics, usually with some fur, a tail and pointy little cat ears.
Catgirls are cute
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
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A cross between a cat like thing and a human type thing. The females tend to be damned sexxxy.
by DarkFoxFurre May 07, 2003
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A cute and awesome (mainly anime) girl that has cat ears and a tail They often say Nya and act cat-like. They are very popular in the anime fandom. If only they were real.
My favorite catgirls are
1. Sanada (UFO Princess Valkyrie)
2. Raku (Nyan! Neko Sugar Girls)
3. Mew Mew Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)
by YunoGasaiRenaRyuguu August 11, 2013
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A cross between a feline (cat) and a homid (human). Femal cat girls are damn sexxy.
I love cat-girls!
by DarkFoxFurre May 07, 2003
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Girls in their young teens who frequent scifi, gaming, and anime cons. That usualy sport cat ears and spout broken, often incorrect Japanese in an attempt to be more like an anime character.

That are prone to loud and ocasionaly violent outbursts in an attempt to get attention.
"That girl just threw her underwear at that Kenshin cosplayer."
"Damn cat girls"
by Yuzuki January 30, 2005
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