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an amazing indie/emo band that recently broke up (tear) after 10 glorious years. they began on Doghouse Records, and were then signed to Vagrant, where they released 4 studio albums and a live album. their sick keyboardist, James Dewees (from Reggie And The Full Effect) was the band's highlight. unfortunately, they never really got the praise they deserved....
songs to check out:
Mass Pike
Ten Minutes
The One You Want
Red Letter Day
by catalystuinsist2pullmedown August 18, 2005
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Formed in 1995 in Kansas. Members include Matt Pryor, James DeWees, Rob Pope, Ryan Pope, and Jim Suptic. They play a uniquely midwestern brand up emo/power-pop, but are disbanding in early July, 2005. Their first album, Four Minute Mile remains one of their best, but Something To Write Home About will most likely stand the test of time as the cult favorite. Their long lifespan has lead to the rise of many other bands playing similarly styled music, and will continue to do so years from now. We're going to miss them.
"Man, I saw The Get Up Kids play last night and it was awesome! I got one of Matt's picks and a setlist!"
by stay gold June 28, 2005
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A good emo-indie band that I happen to enjoy. Includes 5 guys fron Kansas.
by Erika November 03, 2003
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