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A shit, suck-ass poser band that, even if they weren't such jackass posers, suck ass. Their instrumentals are shitty or, at best, generic, and they're lyrics are stupid as hell, for example, "Strolling through the party like my name was El Nino/Well, I'm hanging out drinking in the back of an El Camino" or "Tell me now, what have we done?/We don't know." They haven't gotten any better on any of their later albums, and in their last one they even ripped off GOOD bands such as (old school) Metallica and even Oasis. Apparently copyrights don't apply to Sum 41.

Lots of futily rebellious kids who watch lots of MTV and like to think they're a badass punks by listening to this so-called "punk" music, and whose only defense against those who say how shitty their precious band really is is, "Fuck you, haters! They never said they were punk!" Contrary to what a lot of posters have said, the singer HAS been quoted as referring to their music as "punk".

Also, the band members all have LAME-ASS nicknames such as Stevo 32 and Brown Sound, and are in real life major assholes (I've read on some of the shit they've said and done).
I have heard Sum 41 and have even seen them play on TV and they suck shit.

Sum 41 sounds different when they play (even more shitty than they already are).

MTV teenybopper: Wow, look at me! I just bought the new Sum 41 CD along with a new studded wrist band and eye-liner! I'm so punk!
by Correct June 30, 2005

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A piece-of-shit, poser band that has not only the balls to call themselves punk (which they're clearly not--more like POP) but also to rip off other bands on their latest album, "Chuck" (such as Metallica and Coldplay).

Sum 41 fans consist mostly of MTV watchers who try to make the haters look stupid by hurling out shitty, pathetic insults that a 2nd grader could come up with, all mispelled and with horrible grammar of course, not to mention in that gay-ass chatspeak, give bullshit about how Sum 41 never claimed to be punk, even though their lead singer himself has been quoted as referring to the band as punk, and comment how "hott" the members are, all while trying to convince everyone that they like the band solely for their music, when it's quite obvious they like the band because of their image and popularity amongst the MTV crowd, a.k.a. generation shit.

Sum 41 consist of a singer and rhythm who sounds like his tiny balls are caught in rat traps and who can only play power chords, a lead guitarist whose solos can never last any longer than 10 seconds (and suck), a bassist who, if even audible, might as well pluck his dick and a drummer who plays the same goddamn shit in every song, never adding any variety or creativity to his or the band's style. Their style of music is basically pop thinly and poorly disguised as punk.

And to those who are talking shit about Avril Lavigne, you do know that the dumbfuck lead singer just married her, don't you? He's been banging her for over a year now. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Sum 41 are a favorite of MTV since they plays what's trendy and have an image that is very commercial and "in".

Fans consist of MTV-loving shitheads who like whatever's in the top 40, think the members are "hott" (even though they all look like a bunch of malnourished, pasty faced, pussified peter-puffers who can't even get a decent haircut) and think they're badass and rebellious because they shop at Hot Topic (which should burn down).

Sum 41 fans can kiss my ass because in five years this band will join the rest of the has-been fads. They'll be just as obsolete as boy bands and despite all the bitching you faggots can muster up, you know I'm right. This band is already fading away and soon they'll be completely irrelevant.
Sum 41 fan: OmG!!!11 sum 41 r so hott!!!11 i luv there musik!!!!11111 its so raw and HaRdCoRe and makes my parents angry!!!111 pWnEd!!!!111

an intelligent person: Shut the hell up, fucktard. This band sucks and they'll soon be replaced by the next fad.
by Correct August 03, 2006

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The WORST of the WORST! The King of Gay! The Master of Faggots! This guy is by far worst and overrated of all the fucking loser musical artists out there!

This flamer puts out extremely shitty, tastless music, which of course can't sell on its own. So he then gets a mediocre six-pack and flaunts himself in homoerotic poses and in videos to get the girls wet and foolish enough to buy his records. On top of that he's got an arrogant attitude of, "I'm the shit! Worship me! I'm so cool!"

This first-class faggot has no talent, tastes, skills, intelligence or even looks.

Idolizing this douche is another way of saying that you have low self-esteem and no taste in music or even good looks in a man, or in his case, a boy.
"Oh, my GAWD! That Usher is so HOT!"
"You were molested as a child, weren't you?"
*brief silence, followed by hanging head* "Yes." *cries*
by Correct May 19, 2005

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I'm not sure what's worse: Tookie himself and his horrific crimes which he's never apologized for or the fact that people think he's such a do-gooder, especially that dumbshit motherfucker that said Tookie is a great man. What the fuck? The guy founded a gang, dipshit!

Anyway, he greased 4 people, never apologized for it, wrote a few anti-gang children's BOOKLETS, got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice but didn't win and.... Wait, that's it. Of course, he got a raw deal despite all those appeals. It was all a race thing of course. Yeah....
dumbass: Tookie was a great man! He wrote a bunch of anti-gang books for children and reformed! He even got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It's not like anyone can get nominated! He was a great person who did a lot and made up for his crimes.

smart person: No, he wasn't, you asshole! He never apologized and hardly did shit! He wrote a few pissy booklets and made a few lectures but never once said he was sorry! Someone should "Tookie" you!

author's note: Hey, is that a term yet? To "Tookie" someone?
by Correct January 06, 2006

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The nick name for the self-released album released by the metal band Metallica in 1991.

Despite the claims of the millions of defenders of this album, it was the turning point of the band where they lost their thrash status and sold out by releasing more mainstream-friendly, simplified and softened songs. Fans claim it still has their "metal edge" but if anything this "edge" is BARELY there.

It has many of their famous songs on it and has sold the most copies of all their albums to date. Nevertheless, the quality on the album is actual piss-poor when compared to their lesser selling previous 4 albums, albums that were actually thrash.

In summary, Metallica may have still retained some "metal" status on this album but it was a sell-out effort, the reason being up to this point they were known as the Pioneers of Thrash but then got greedy and changed their sound to be more "experimental", or in actuality, to sell more records.
Sell-out Metallica fan: Wow, this Black album is the greatest release from Metallica yet! Everything after this was crap though!

Thrash Metallica fan: No, you dumbass, it's shit compared to their earlier work. The only reason it seems good to you is because this sell-out work sounds better than their later sell-out work. Get any of their first 4 albums instead. Those were actually thrash.

Sell-out Metallica fan: What's 'thrash'?
by Correct December 31, 2005

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A lame-ass catchphrase that was (arguably) coined by a first-class loser who goes by the lame-ass moniker of "Snoop Dog" to mean "for sure" or "I definitely agree with that".

Whenever you hear this word being used you know: a) The loser is trying desparately to be cool. b) The loser is trying desparately to be black. c) Both.

This phrase is especially popular amongst insecure, uncool and extremely lame, adolescent, middle- or upper-class white surburban wiggers.

WARNING: Never let your friends or loved ones use this phrase except in mockery or jest. Should you hear them utter this retarded catchphrase, proceed to beat some sense into them using any method you can. You will thank me for it later when people wake up and realize how stupid phrase really is.
Loser #1: "'Ey, yo, dat was TIGHT!"
Loser #2: "Fo shizzle!"
by Correct May 19, 2005

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verb: To retch or vomit;throw-up,spew or hurl
noun: The leftovers or by-products of vomiting. Vomit. The regurgitated contents of the stomach.
When I saw the sore on his hand, I was so grossed out I thought I would gak.
by Correct July 18, 2003

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