A person full of light and happiness, with a beautiful smile that you can see from a mile away.
You are a nunu and your not shy about it.
by panda_345 October 10, 2017
A really speacial kind of person
Nunu is cool
by ALPHA250 September 4, 2017
Nunu-chan UwU
by aerial_ace September 26, 2021
Nunu: noun, male private part, penis.
Etimolgy: nunu is a word for penis or sex organ of both sexes, came from Bengali/Bangla language, especially Bangladeshi Bengali via Bangladeshi immigrants/diaspora of the UK and the USA.
How big is your nunu? Is it a cut nunu?
by Beautiful Bangladesh January 4, 2012
Word for penis in Bangla mostly used by kids
guy 1:my nunu is small
guy 2:well my nunu BIG AF BRO
by le memer-chan April 7, 2021
She shaves her nunu bald.

Eat my nunu!

A girl has a nunu a boy has a willy.
by Boobralicious May 31, 2009
Another way of saying cute

And is pronounced as "noonoo"
Awww that bird is so nunu!!!
by Ciahcra July 27, 2018