Person that desroys a movie franchise that lasted over 40 years with liberal propaganda and worst plot ever.
Kathleen Kennedy isn't ruining it, she already ruined it.
by Luke Skywalker killed by her August 14, 2018
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The biggest shame of the Star Wars community and the feminist movement.
Kathleen Kennedy: Star Wars doesn't need male fans.
Fans: Feminism sucks!
The whole feminist movement: She's not affiliated with me!
by pjoisbetterthanhp August 27, 2020
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Also known as Darth Karen The Incompetent as she shares similar characteristics to Darth Sidious.

Although she has been claiming she is working for the Disney+ Republic, she has been planning all alone to cause chaos and division in the fans.

Once chaos is made, she can bring down Disney+ Republic and establish Disney+ Empire where "progressive" agenda is shoveled into your throats and future generations. If you are with her, you are cheered as "passionate" and "tolerant". If you are not, you are a "bigot" "sexist" "racist". Sooner or later, you will be cancelled and fired.
Boy 1: Did you know that Gina got fired by Kathleen Kennedy?
Boy 2: Fire Darth Kathleen Kennedy, Cancel Disney +, This is the way.
Boy 1: This is the way.
by dancingmanonthecountertop February 28, 2021
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