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Potential opportunity for obtaining access to the muff of the fairer sex (females). Muffortunities exist in just about every setting, particularly at the grocery store, universities or at nightclubs etc.
Mike: Wow, look at this place! Its so full of gorgeous women about the same age as us!
Clay: Oh the muffortunities!
by Coinage August 21, 2006
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Anger and phychosis brought on by amphetamine use. Someone with amphetaminitis will normally demonstrate an aggressive attitude towards others or in mild cases just be snappy and difficult to deal with and generally a pain in the ass.
Bloody Gwens been bombing that shit again, if we cant find some weed quick shes gonna have a bad case of amphetaminitis
by Coinage October 26, 2006
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Australian term for bicycle, the shortened version of deadly treadly commonly associated with mountain bikes because of knobbly tread on the tires.

Deadly treadly is fondly used by owners of bikes who have to wear their cajones on a frequent basis, namely BMXers, freeriders and dirt jumpers or basically any bike that can and usually does result in death or serious injury.
I just picked up a sweet freeride treadly, now Im gonna bomb off 12 foot drop offs and go hucking like a motherfucker
by Coinage September 12, 2006
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When a girls g-string can be seen poking out above the waistline of her jeans. Normally happens when she bends over or wears hipster jeans 4 sizes too small.
Daaaaaamn check out the illy t bone on that arrangement yo, looks like her thong be wedged right up there homes
by Coinage August 21, 2006
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Plural for commonwhore the useless shitbag car notorious with the commonsfolk of Australia a.k.a Holden Commodore. Commondoors are so common that they are often mistaken for dunny doors.
Farkin hell Gazza, look at all those commondoors.

Fark me drunk Bazza, fuck a duck.
by Coinage August 9, 2006
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When you bottom out by landing heavily on your bike so bad that you end up with either broken testicles or mild spinal injuries. Often referred to "casing it", a case is a most unfortunate occurance that freeriders and dirt jumpers fear for the safety of their gonads. Usually happens when a rider is over zealous with their own ability and land shitty.
Shit man, Mike was a little too keen and overshot the landing and fell 20ft to flat. He gonna need a lawyer for that case.
by Coinage October 25, 2006
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The name applied to poo that comes out just to say hello particularly in a manner that is unexpected and unwarranted. Ususally happens if you try holding it in for too long.
Damn, I have a tortoise head and I think its touching cloth. Think I better go snap one off before I shit my pants.

by Coinage August 13, 2006
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