british slang term politely telling some one to fuck off or when your done talking to someone but they keep talking
kim: your boyfriend is an amazing kisser
isabel: sod off
kim: on your bike
by shortiewantsomelovin May 25, 2008
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To get on one's bike is simply to tell another person to fuck off.
Man1: Oi you wanker you stole my chips!
Man2: Get on your bike you bastard and ride it!
by Bex2906 August 20, 2006
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Otherwise refered to as a builders backside - ie bottom exposing itself from the top of your trousers. Somewhere to Park Your Bike.
by Abbot August 27, 2003
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Synonym for "Fuck off". Works best if the persons name is Mike.
- "Aye mate can you sling us a ciggie?"
"nah mate"
- "you're a fuckin dog cunt"
"on your bike mike"
by Herbington March 01, 2016
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to become serious about something
1. I'm not joking... I;m about to hop on my bike..

2.bring it on! I'm already on my bike!

3. Do you think im kidding? cause im not. hop on your bike and stop acting like a fool
by blackaneseninja January 27, 2011
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when a person goes off in la-la land. They sometimes drool, hang thier tounge out and stair into space. if you have long, ugly hair it is especially true.
"Sam, stop riding your bike and pay attention!"
by mlb2010 January 14, 2007
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To go and have a shit, poo, crap etc

Blimey mate i am touching cloth and have a huge tortoise head i really need to go and turn my bike round, see you in five, or:

Your'e twitching like you need to go and turn your bike round mate
by Ed209 February 23, 2006
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