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Phrase that means perfectly dressed in the most fashionable attire. Would most likely be used in evening attire fashion such as being dressed for a formal occasion in which a person would dress their best to command as much respect and attention as possible.
We could tell the black tie event was the most important of the social season. Everyone was dressed to the nines.
by Cliff96 May 15, 2006

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Mexican term that roughly equates to "alrighty then". It is used in conversation, especially telephone to indicate that one wishes to end the conversation.
Jose A: bueno... cuando quieres ir, huey?
Jose C: este... esta bien a las tres?
Jose A: si, esta bien. Orale pues. Nos vemos.
by Cliff96 July 10, 2006

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when a golf ball is hit hard and is intended to go airborne but instead rolls or skips along the ground at high speed.
I played golf with my uncle for the first time yesterday. He thought it was hilarious because I only hit worm burners and never got the ball off the ground.
by Cliff96 July 28, 2005

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to whine, complain or bitch about something in an annoying and aggravating manner
I hate hanging out with Bob anymore cuz all he does is piss and moan about losing his leg in that car accident.
by Cliff96 June 18, 2005

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a string of behaviour that is compulsive and devient. the bahaviour is typically of an "adult" nature such as drinking, screwing, swearing.
Jill was so pissed about the flat tire that she went off on a tear. Every other word was fuck.

Brad has been on a tear of calling in sick recently. He hasn't worked a Friday in over a month.
by Cliff96 April 10, 2006

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state of having one's breasts exposed
common usage with public flashing
Kathy got drunk and ended up tits out. She was flashing everybody that stopped to look.
by Cliff96 July 10, 2005

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1. used to descibe a wet t-shirt, best bikini or similar contest in which one or more contestants have started to remove said wet t-shirt or bikini. Since these are often judged by the audience, other contestants are forced to show more skin to have a chance at winning
2. contest in which showing breasts or more is required to win
The crowd went wild when that crazy chick took off her top. All the other contestants started doing the same since they knew it was now skin to win.
by Cliff96 July 10, 2005

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