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n. An elderly woman's vaginal area, conjuring the idea of dry old, grey, sagging skin. Highly offensive, especially to young women.
"Oh grandma, can you please stop talking about your Wishybooger?"
by Christopher Majewski February 16, 2008
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Central location for activity, featured in the video game 'Call Of Duty 4: Modern warfare' multiplayer map "Overgrown".

It is located in front of the large barn and wooden bridge areas. Immediately in front of Grandma's House is a wheat field and an L-shaped building.

Grandma's House features an attic with two sniping windows, a porch, and an open backdoor.
"I've got two blips in Grandma's House. Anyone have a UAV?"
by Christopher Majewski July 11, 2008
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n. A lone shot of whiskey that completely inebriates the drinker without need for more alcohol. Typically effects the underage and those that can't hold their liquor.
In some cases, the drinker will comment on how the solitary shot felt going down to great detail. (heat, spicy flavor, etc.)
"Denise won't shut up about that Magic Whiskey shot she just took. Get over it, it's just JD!"
by Christopher Majewski June 20, 2008
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Typically occurs on October 30th, the night before Halloween in North America.

Smashing Day' or 'Smashing Night' refers to delinquent acts of vandalism on residential Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns set outside by individuals. The Jack-O-Lanterns are removed from the homes or porches and smashed into the homes' exterior wall, the nearby sidewalk or street. Individuals participating in 'Smashing Day' are typically children aged 14-17.
"Hide the kids' pumpkins George..today is Smashing Day!"
by Christopher Majewski February 16, 2008
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Multiplayer armor permutation (skin) within Bungie's 2007 Xbox 360 game 'Halo 3.' Originally designed for exclusive Bungie employee use, but has been awarded to those the staff deems worthy. Extremely coveted and seen as an elite status within the game.

"Oh my god, I think we've got a Recon on our team!"

"Can I has Recon?"
by Christopher Majewski February 16, 2008
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Powdered drink mix within a collapsing plastic tube, sold in the 1980s in North America. Much like Tang, Burple was sold to be mixed with water and consumed as a fruit flavored juice. Was sold in a variety of flavors. The product did not last long on store shelves, however.
"Mom I don't want Kool-Aid..can we make some Burple?"
by Christopher Majewski February 16, 2008
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Scorpion King Syndrome: A storytelling tool used in many big-budget motion pictures.

SKS (pronounced 'sucks') is when an action movie's premise supposedly revolves around a major antagonist, where in fact the villain is actually only mentioned for less than five minutes at the start of the movie, altogether forgotten, and then appears at the very end of the movie.

The villain in question typically has no identity of his/her own, only that of a 'force' to be dealt with by the hero of the movie. Typically this villain is quickly killed to great fanfare, yet little emotional context to the viewer.
"Did you see Transformers? I wish Megatron had been in it and had a real character more than he was. I think he was suffering from Scorpion King Syndrome."

See: The Mummy Returns
by Christopher Majewski July 11, 2008
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