1. Under Age Vag.

2. What you get after 3 kills in COD4.
1. "It's not a party til the UAVs show up!"

2. "Our UAV is online!"
by RRIGGS October 30, 2009
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A worthless, piece of shit remote controlled airplane that doesn't have what make airplanes cool... the kick ass pilot. Geeks everywhere love these things, but real Pilots know that they are a tool of the devil. If your kid can fly one in the back yard, it doesn't belong over the battle field. When these things finally take over, robots will be fucking your wives and girlfriends, instead of fighter pilots.
"GodDamn, those faggots that "fly" UAV's get XBOX achievement points every time they land successfully. What a bunch of fucking tools. Let's hit the bar."
by Jersey F-15 September 07, 2008
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the most useless shit in call of duty, kill 3 people to get it
"UAV online"- CODM annoucner
by ádfghjk July 10, 2021
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Can be used for reconnaisance, exploratory, or assault purposes.
Bush lied and said that Saddam Hussein had UAVs capable of reaching the US.
by Militant Liberal May 28, 2005
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Killstreak included in the popular video-game 'Call of duty'.
Once activated, knocks out all enemy radar for 30secs.

Despite being considered a 'waste of a killstreak', counter uav is perhaps one of the most potent on offer. Benefitting not only yourself, but your whole team too.

Often used by teamplayers, despised by noobs can help weaker teams to victory. Leaves radar-dependant enemies blind and disorientated.
Me- "Anyone got uav or counter uav? Thats what I'm rockin, I play for the good of the team."

13yr old teammate- "Screw you noob, I'm goin for my tenth nuke ftw"

Me- *quits game*
by Sir William Pinch May 30, 2011
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