10 definitions by Chrisdamainman

When you turn into a boffin, and proper geeky and annoyin.
Homie 1: I cant do this shit man, rubme richard now.
Homie 2: Fuck off you belend, u wna b a fuckin geek jus to be clever.
by Chrisdamainman September 6, 2005
When a man gets a blow job (oral) from some girl with a brace on and the metal rips through his man hood.
Quite a nasty thing.
This girl gave me a blow job last night, but she gave me a fucking hench red belend cos she's got a brace on.
It kills man. Dont ever take a blow job from a girl with a brace.
by Chrisdamainman September 6, 2005
When you loose your glasses or contact lenses down a girls pussy while you give her head.
I had loose glass and it fell right down into her hole.
I need therapy now because all i could see was double.
by Chrisdamainman September 6, 2005
A Nun Who is wearing no underwear.
Quite decent really.
I saw a fuckin bare nun when i fell of my bike the other day, i was fuckin baffled and i laughed my head off at the bitch.
by Chrisdamainman September 6, 2005
Used to put over an ugly girls head.
Good for having sex because you dont have to see her face.
Usually works for girls with a dirty face and a nice body.
Rar blad, That girl is mong, Would you do her for a fiver?
Na man, Only if you give me a Plastic bag.
by Chrisdamainman September 6, 2005
Little Party Sausage
Or Lil Party Sausage
Meaning the Male Sexual Glands or Penis.
When someone has a small penis.
You got a lil party sausage man!
by Chrisdamainman August 4, 2005
When your girl cant get pregnant cos your sperm are too lazy to get to the egg and just call it a night and die.
If you are one of these men, unlucky.
Im about about to break down. I have lazy sperm, they get tired and die. I can never get my girl preggers.
by Chrisdamainman September 6, 2005