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Bottom line is, its a kickass and original movie defintitely worth the time to sit down and watch and more than likely you will totally enjoy it.

Don't listen to the moron's post above in which he basically calls the movie a sellout. He is just a plain person that trys to make his individuality through likeing movies that very few other people know about because he thinks that makes him cool. If the movie kicks ass then who gives a shit what other people think or how many other people like it.

Watch this movie!
Rocco - "Is it dead?"
by Chopper September 13, 2004
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The stupidist man on earth trying to run a country and failing miserably at it.
The economy has gone in the crapper ever since the Bush Administration somehow took over in office.
by Chopper April 24, 2004
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They have been around since the mid 90's and have been kicking ass ever since. Some people have labeled them with that annoying "sellout" phrase but that is hardly the truth unless you are a person who thinks they are cool cause they like things that only 5 other people like. I agree that it is annoying to see all of the anti-flag crap at school on alot of people who think they are "punk" because they wear it but who cares what they do.

They are extremely political and know how to throw the word "fuck" around pretty well. They also make fun of alot of different things in their music in which you may think "are they serious" but more than likely they are just joking.

If you like hard and fast punk, check out their first album "Die For The Government" or "Underground Network".

If you are feeling a little pissed off then check out "Their System Doesnt Work For You"
"You don't have to be a racist to be a Nazi Fuck, your mindless nationalism give you credentials enough"
by Chopper September 13, 2004
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One of the new wave 80's fashion retro kids. Usually seen with highlighted mullet hair and sweat band. Named after the 80's icon of crap hair and fashion keith chegwin.
Bloody hell this place is full of cheggers tonight!
by chopper October 12, 2003
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To fuck ones dad in the arse.
what are you going to be doing with your dad thomas?

pressing grapes.
by chopper May 17, 2004
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Barap, like brap, comes from motocross racers imitating their motorcycle sound while engaging in any act.
(Jumping outta the truck) BARAP!
by Chopper April 24, 2004
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Have you seen the kids with the tite girl pants usualy with a loud belt and a short shirt sometimes even exposing their stomach (much like women do), spiked hair in the back with short or sometimes long and combed over in the front hair, fingernail paint and make-up? You know what I am talking about, thats a 100% 2004 trend whore!
Trend Whore - "Does my ass look big in these dickies?"
Myself - "Those are girl pants, they are supposed to do that fucktard!"
by Chopper September 13, 2004
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