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The volume rating of a fart (Bp) governed by three variables;- rectal pressure (r), buttock friction (f) and sprouts consumed (SpC). Buttock friction (f) can be reduced to zero by pulling the ringpiece open wide during emission.
"My word said the vicar, that anal exclamation was right off the brapometer"
by EssBen March 04, 2008
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This word has a couple meanings..

First off : In reference to the sound a snowmobile makes... brap brappp

Second... Slang for going out snowmobiling.
First one.. do u hear the brap brap of that snowmobile?

Second one as in.... hey man you wanna go for a brap?
by TCAT PSYCHO March 08, 2017
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A sound uttered when a heavy tune comes on usually heard in garage raves.
Combine with gunfingers for best results.
Listen to 'Gladiator' by Alias. You won't be able to help it.

brap! brap!
by SDZ June 23, 2004
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Brap is the sound of a fart. Penned by comic artist of MAD MAG fame, Don Martin. Most specifically in refrence to his Captain Klutz series which incorporated a character with gaseous superpowers named Brap Man. Indubitably Howard Stern ripped off the idea from Don.
With a mighty Brraaaaapppp! he leapt the building. Brap
by crankyoldghost September 14, 2008
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Sound made to imitate gunshot. Used say after you've just rinsed someone, or as mentioned earlier, listening to a heavy tune.
You're so fat, you're going to die young!! braaap!!

Aw big tune mandem!! Braaaaap!!!
by flashermonkey April 11, 2005
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Word commonly used in Hip Hop music during the 90's, most notably by American Underground/Indie hip hop artists, signifying gun shot/use of gun etc.

As well as this, it was used by bikers in the 80's as reference to the sound of their engines.

Now most notably used in the UK by chavs who get to excited by anything and everything.
1 - If you ever think of tryna play me then blam, brap brap

2 - this engine is one hell of a mother, braaaaaaaaaaap

3 - init bruv, brap!!
by donnie1v December 02, 2006
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