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v.i. To act in a manner reminiscent of Bozo the clown; silly, crazy, foolish, embarassing to self but enjoyable for others.

n. A person acting inexplicably stupid or strange.

adj. bozetic: to act like a boz.
Did you see that drunk guy boz on the tricycle? He drove it straight into a telephone pole and fell on his ass!

What a drunken boz!

Let's see what bozetic thing he does next!
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004
An ugly female friend who viciously defends her other female friends from engaging in conversation with any male. Traditionally either man-hating gay or profoundly ugly; there appear to be no male triceratops. Attacking is always suicidal. The tactic is generally to lure the friends away from the triceratops nest so that you can talk to them without being impaled. See also cock block.
Dude, I tried to approach the honeys but I can't get past that triceratops.
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004
v.t. secret substitute word for fornicating used when you are asking your friends if they would have sex with a person within hearing range. Advantage is it doesn't sound like a verb, much less a sex word.
So, would you swaps that melon-breasted cock snorkler or not?
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004
In a certain dialect found in Arlington, Virginia: universal placeholder noun when you can't think of the word or are too lazy to pronounce something multisyllabic. Can be used to substitute for different nouns in same sentence i.e. Lend me two dollars so I can go to Two Chefs and get their two cheeseburgers for two dollars deal becomes:
Dude, lend me two boog so I can go to two boog for two boog for two boog.

Also can be used as second syllable(s) replacement, as in McBoog, Blockboog, etc.
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004
n. A parasite. Specifically a college guy you don't know who comes to your party early with lots of his helmet friends. They bring enormous cups for beer drinking and knock out half of the keg before anyone else shows up. They are nitwits. When women arrive, they cock block you either by talking directly to the women and making them think they are your friends, thus branding you a helmet, or acting like such idiots that they ruin the party and your rep, or by kicking the keg just as the women show up. Then they leave without pitching in for the next one.

Root: suggested root is the helmets football players wear; helmets show up at a party and behave much like a football team made up of losers and dorks.
Look at this f*cking helmet puking on my carpet. His beer is warm and flat because his cup is too big. He tried to rape my girlfriend in the bathroom. He broke the coffee table trying to dance on it. Now everybody is leaving. F*cking helmet.
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004
A woman/man who f*cks everyone. Important distinction: a "ho" is not a bitch. A ho will f*ck anyone. A bitch will fuck anyone but you. Unless that bitch is a gay man. In which case the terms are used identically.
My name's Easy E, I got bitches galore/
You may have a lot of bitches but I have much more.
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004
Garnishing marijuana with cocaine.
I'd like to chase that snowcap with some bourbon and a chicken pot pie.
by Chief Bootysmackah June 1, 2004