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Beck is one of te greatest musicians of all time, he has used sound effects in his songs such as annoying noises, video game sound effects, that sort of thing. over they years beck has made many awesome albums to name a few... Odelay, Guero.
Beck, is my favorite band, he has written awesome songs.
by Chester April 05, 2005

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This happens when you leave a windy shit between the breasts of a woman while you straddle her neck for a blowjob. (A close cousin to the Cleveland Steamer.)
Unfortunately this wasn't possible on Ridgly but Baily did well.
by Chester January 11, 2005

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an online networking service for the people who dont have any friends and desparately asking to be someone's friend
Hey! I have friendster. go online and add me! and write a testimonial too!
by chester June 24, 2004

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The Cold Lamper - The Joker - The Juice - Sparkplug

The one and only Duracell; he keeps going, never stops

Practically the inventor of the rap sidekick and hype man, but took it to another level entirely

Controversial with reputed run ins with the law and street demons

Recently released his long awaited solo project appropriately titled, It's About Time

Enough Public Enemy songs recorded for a best of Flavor Flav disc; A list of Flavor Flav joints is bound to start any ____

Predecessor to Old Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang, Busta Rhymes, and creator of crazy styles now commonplace in the diversity of hip hop.

Visit Flavor Flav's Official Site at www.flavorflav.com...
Dat rhyme by Flavor Flav was ill yo!
by Chester July 27, 2003

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A nice mix of drunk and high, where you frequently feel compelled to flap your limbs around languidly. And lots of jumping, yeah, jumping.
That kid is tossed. I think he's gonna fall off the roof.
by chester January 29, 2004

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a person who is rebelious and smart
Chester is a sonu.
by Chester January 30, 2004

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someone who posts stuff that has nothing to do with anything anyone would know about except them. like... the "definition" of a name of some dude they know. who friggin cares?
someone published a definition of "barry", that being "a stupid guy" or something retarted like that. what a stuipd urban dictionary user.
by chester January 29, 2004

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