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The spattering of a toilet bowl following a voluminous, wet, squishy fart, often a precursor to a bout of severe diarrhea and the sense that you inner organs are about to disappear out your ass.
I wouldn't use that john if I were you, I've been paintbowling in there.
by Charlie77 January 9, 2013
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The small, flaky pieces of skin that peel off your toes with the littlest of effort, sometimes exposing raw flesh, but usually not. Handy as a snack when in remote confined spaces, like a wood cabin, the back of a car, on an overnight flight when the cabin crew are fast asleep you are reluctant to press the call button. Occasionally pleasant to eat, with a faint cheese flavor.
I took a long drive to Nebraska with my cousin and there was nothing to eat in the car, so I chewed on a few toeflakes.
by Charlie77 September 28, 2018
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A person, can be male or female, that is shockingly attractive but sickeningly dumb. An affliction that seems especially common in the modeling, social-media star, and 'influencer' worlds.
I managed to get a date with that dark-haired hottie from three doors down, but he was a total beautifool.
by Charlie77 September 27, 2018
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A slimy, viscous string of nose cheese, the consistency of craft glue or thick maple syrup, that has a pleasantly elastic quality to it, allowing you to bounce it up and down from the end of your finger like a yo-yo. Best experienced only with close friends and family, not suitable for parties or somber gatherings.
This cold has me knocked out, but at least I got some good snot yo-yos to show for it.
by Charlie77 October 11, 2018
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The delicate maneuver required to halt a well-rounded, fully formed, ripened-to-perfection fart from slipping, ripping, or bubbling out of your cheeks. A highly skilled, Olympics-esque discipline that requires immense core strength and buttock muscles that can grip like a vise combined with careful facial control that doesn't belie your discomfort. Useful ability for anyone that takes elevators, rides in subways, or flies in planes frequently.
I was on a flight to LA sitting next to this gorgeous environmental engineer and wanted to let one fly. But that would have ruined everything so had to pull a fart stop while we discussed climate change and our favorite taco joints.
by Charlie77 October 11, 2018
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The path of a large, densely packed, unwieldy turd as it slides down the side of a toilet bowl, often resulting in a stubborn, hard-to-clean streak/smear that won't disappear with the waters of a standard flush.
Call in the reinforcements, there's been a major turdslide in here.
by Charlie77 January 9, 2013
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