An underhanded way to avoid lying under oath. The term is derived from Ronald Reagan's comments and testimony during the Iran-Contra hearings. When asked difficult questions about his involvement in illeagally funding the Contras, rather than pleading the 5th he would just say "I don't recall."

Usually when someone refuses to answer a question during testimony they look guilty, Reagan just sounded like a dumbass. Was it just a scam or had the alzheimers already started to affect him?
When testifying during the senate hearings, Tony Hayward, was reaganing when he said he was "not involved in that decision," several times, rather than admit the truth: BP fucked up!
by Charles_U_Farley November 19, 2010
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Amazing girl. Don't cross her because she is crazy. She is shy sometimes, but comes out of her shell. She is extremely tough. People love her and love to be around her. She is also extremely beautiful and intelligent.
Man 1: "Dude, Reagan is beautiful"
Man 2: "No she scares me"
Man 1: "But she's strong and intelligent"
by dovec April 13, 2018
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A seemingly cute but badass girl who will take shit from no one. Likes music and is a great singer. Sometimes insecure but is there for you no matter what people say. A shoulder to cry on and has a hilarious and dirty mind. Nerdy as hell. Very smart intellectually, but sometimes lacks common sense.The best girlfriend or BFF to ever have.
fun ashley funny smarticlesReagan
by LaceAndStripes12345 December 19, 2013
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A girl with the name Reagan is usually a brunette. She is very loud but sweet. This girl can be the center of attention. She isn't afraid to say what's on her mind or do what any tells her to do. All the boys go away from her but they secretly like her. She falls for boys way too quick but never gets one. She is super attractive and very athletic. She is smart in all subjects except math. She will go beat up whoever she needs to. She is also a very supportive friend whenever you need someone.
Reagan is such a show off
Reagan is adorable!
Man, that girl Reagan can fight!
by Reyin October 24, 2017
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Very athletic, intelligent. She always knows what she's doing and is careful with her decisions. She's amazingly beautiful and the type of girl who you can't get off your mind. She's perfect in everyway.
Reagan is amazing!
by Jason Derulo's turtle April 25, 2016
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Reagan is someone that will make you proud. She puts 100% into everything she does and never quits. She fights for what she wants in a way that inspires others. Reagan is a beautiful girl with style that draws everyone’s attention. A trend setter and a person to admire. She makes you laugh and smile more than anyone else in your life.

Reagan is someone you can’t sleep without. Her presence in your life is so important it becomes an addiction. Her heart is pure and her love is unwavering. Once she enters your world you can’t imagine a day without her. When her name comes across your phone you get butterflies in your stomach. She will leave you speechless simply by making eye contact.

The name Reagan means little queen, so make her your princess and hold her tight, forever.
Reagan is perfect in every way

Reagan is crazy, but her crazy is beautiful to me
Reagan is my sug
by bubs58 November 2, 2020
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A mentally/emotionally unstable girl at times. She can be extremely loyal to her friends and will support them no matter what. Will keep a secret for anyone unless their/someone's life is in danger. Even if she is at the breaking point she will listen to you and offer advice when needed. Is a gamer, history buff and a technology lover. May be insecure and has trust issues. If trust is broken she may avoid you until calmed.
"Is Reagan okay?"

"I dunno she didn't say anything"
by CheapBleach April 22, 2017
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