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Kind of like Satan worshippers, only more open and less into rituals. Seriously, there are members of the Republican Party that worship the second worst president ever! (after GW Bush) The republitards invoke his name in debates and even Bush43 said he wanted to be just like Reagan.

The Reagan Administration caused serious, long-term damage to this country--reagannomics, tripled debt, "star wars," union bashing, education cuts, pro-business/anti-worker policies and creating the Taliban to fight the Soviet Union in Afganistan! Yet Republicans still think he's great. WTF?!
The G.O.P. is full of Reagan worshippers, some of these sick fucks actually wanted to desecrate Mount Rushmore with a Reagan memorial! WTF?!! Now 20 years after the end of the Reagan era (but not the end of the negative impact), the Republitards in congress are talking about putting Reagan's picture on coins and/or paper money!
by Charles_U_Farley August 14, 2009
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A redundant defintion occurs when someone submits a word to the Urban Dictionary that has already been published. This can either be caused by failing to look up the word before submitting it or by a dumbass who doesn't care if the word is already in the UD.
This term does not apply to an entirely different meaning or to a rebuttal defintion, but to a definition that is almost or exactly the same as a previous entry.
There really is no legitimate excuse for redundant definitions!
For examples of a redundant definition just look up Obama. There are several Obama definitions that are word-for-word indentical! There is no excuse for THAT kind of bullshit!
by Charles_U_Farley January 03, 2011
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