In 2010, Tony Hayward is the C.E.O. of BP. While presiding over the worst environmental disaster in American history, the bp oil spill, this money grubbing scum showed not only his incompetence but his total lack of conscience. The Deep Horizon oil rig blew up and killed 11 people working there and then the millions of gallons of oil set out to ruin the Gulf Coast and the lives of thousands of Americans!
Then after several weeks of "trying to find a solution," Hayward actually had the gall to say "I just want my life back!"
Tony Hayward will go down in history as the leader of the company that ruined the Gulf of Mexico and devastated the lives of thousands of Americans!
by Charles_U_Farley June 14, 2010
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An awesome chap who likes yachting, inventor of modern day massonry.
Panel Member: How could you explain that...

Tony Hayward: I am afraid I do not recollect, I do not know, I was not party to the process, I am afraid I am not an engineer, I am not a scientist I am afraid, I do not recollect.
by sturmikk June 21, 2010
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