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American Institute of Greed (formerly know as American International Group)

One of those heinously corrupt organizations that takes money grubbing scum to new levels!

These bastards took more than $160Billion in government bailout money and then gave top executives more than $160Million in bonuses! What kind of shithead would give multimillion dollar bonuses to the fuckwits that drove the company into the ground?!
The executives running the American Institute of Greed A.I.G. should all be sitting with Bernie Madoff in jail for a 150 years!
by Charles_U_Farley July 27, 2009
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Reference to controversial plan to build a Mosque and "community center" in New York City, near the site of Ground Zero. The controversy and outrage comes from the 9/11 terrorist attacks involving Muslims and the victims' families still in mourning. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the plan, is either extremely insensitive to the 9/11 victims or a truly obscene terrorist sympathizer!
Many people were rightfully appalled when the Ground Zero Mosque received approval from the NYC building commission! Whether intentional or not, the location of Rauf's planned Mosque is really a bad idea.
by Charles_U_Farley August 20, 2010
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A weak movement trying to make a statement about the bad practices at BP (a.k.a. British Petroleum)

Boycotting BP to protest their oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is a lot more logical than the fuckwitted "boycott France movement of 2001-2006. France was right and made the responsible choice to not participate in George w. Bush's Iraq War.
The Bp Boycott movement, unfortunately, is not strong enough to impact BP's profits.
by Charles_U_Farley August 10, 2010
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U.S. Congressman Joe Barton (R-Texas) was the lead
Republican at the congressional hearings about the bp oil spill.

As his opening remarks with bp's Tony Hayward, he actually apologized to him for President Obama's "harsh treatment." Barton actually said Obama's insisting on bp setting up a $20 Billion victim compensation fund was a "shakedown."

The appropriate shock and awe followed. Even John Boehner was embarrassed and Barton eventually apologized for his own assisnine insensitive stupidity.
Some of Rep. Barton's Republican colleages were surprised to hear he was a bp sympathizer, but many of his corporate owned colleages agreed with him. However if you look at his $1.4 million in campaign contributions from big oil you can begin to understand.
by Charles_U_Farley June 19, 2010
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An awesome, yet little know in U.S.A, 70s metal band. The band, from Cardiff, Whales; had a major impact on metal bands of the 80s and 90s. The sound is a combination of Rush and Black Sabbath. Burke Shelly (bass/vocals), Tony Bourge (guitar), and Ray Phillips (drums). Shelly's voice resembles Getty Lee and Bourge's hard driving guitar riffs resemble Black Sabbath.
Budgie is underrated but very influentual. Metallica is a big fan of Budgie, they even recorded their song "Breadfan."
by Charles_U_Farley July 15, 2009
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Fiscal responsibility is a term republicans pull out for campaign ads every election cycle. The G.O.P. claims to be fiscally responsible while claiming their Democratic opponents are not.

Obviously, the Republican Party has no idea what being "fiscally responsible" actually means! A budget should include adequete revenue (i.e. taxes) to cover all the obligations. Republicans think the only way to balance a budget is to cut taxes. Democrats, like Bill Clinton, know that cutting expenses AND increasing revenue is the only way to balance a budget. Democrats' tax and spend idea is a lot more logical than the Republicans' borrow and spend policy!
Remember that about 75% of our national debt was caused by the last 3 Republican presidents! (Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43) The last two times the national budget was balanced a Democrat was president!! (Lyndon Johnson 1969 and Bill Clinton 2000)
The tea party claims to be concerned about fiscal responsibility, however they didn't seem concerned about it when George W Bush was cutting taxes and running up huge debts while trying to fight two insane and inappropriate wars!
by Charles_U_Farley October 12, 2010
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Bushnesia is a mental disorder that affects memory.

Many people developed this disorder late in 2008, early 2009 and it continues to spread. Most of the people with this affliction are Republicans and bush supporters. They complain about the huge national debt and the economic disaster that hit during the Bush Administration and they blame Preisdent Obama for the bad effects of Bush's heinous deeds.
The tea party was founded by people who were upset about out of control government and the huge national debt, however due to bushnesia, they're misdirecting their anger at Obama rather than the true source of the problem: George W. Bush and pro-rich Republicans!
by Charles_U_Farley October 01, 2010
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