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An acronym for "Shit On The Stairs".

1. (verb); When one consumes excessive amounts of whiskey, usually Irish, resulting in a state of utter inebriation culminating with being awoken to the realization they've erringly used the stairs as a place to defecate

2. (noun); The result in the aftermath when one uses the stairs as a place to drop a deuce often leaving an unpleasant stain
Kev: You're not going to fucking believe this. I was completely annihilated last night and shit on my stairs. I thought it was the toilet! I think I was sleepwalking.

Chris: Bro that's an explosive case of the SOTS. You're fucking filthy.

Kev: The worst part - Ann had to clean it up!
by Cebbin December 26, 2013

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The act of becoming annihilated by consumption of excessive amounts of wine
Hopefully Ann will get all wined up tonight so I can tag that behymen
by Cebbin December 25, 2013

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When someone in your family (i.e. sibling, child, etc.) mistakenly sends a sext meant for their partner to you in error
Kevin: Oh, David sent me a text.
Ann: Yeah, so?
Kevin: Wait... what the fuck... Are these pictures of my brother taking selfies in the mirror naked - and in Darth Vader underwear!?
Ann: What!? No, David! That's a sexterror!
by Cebbin December 26, 2013

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Simply put, to gargle skeet. AKA, to gargle male ejaculate.
She refused to swallow, but she did a cute little thing at the end, and when I blew the load into her mouth, she gave it a little skargle. It made awesome bubbles!
by Cebbin June 29, 2018

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When one attempts to reinvent oneself in the hope of excising or removing one's douche-like qualities
Chris: Mike is such a shitpile. I can't handle it anymore.

Kevin: I don't know, he'd probably say that's 'subjectable'
Chris: How can he? He's a useless twat lip
Kevin: He might not be so bad if he got a doucherectomy
Chris: There's no help for him
by Cebbin December 31, 2013

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The insinuation that a man is acting like a pussy, derived from the stereotype that a woman having her period is a bitch.
Tony: But that mom joke you told hurt my feelings!
Katie: Tony, do you need a manpon?

David: Where'd Tony go?
Kevin: I'd assume to get a manpon. That n00b has been whining all fucking day

Tony: It bothered me. He told me give him a blumpkin, and said something about a wolf cookie.
Kevin: Are you serious? Go get a fucking manpon...
by Cebbin March 13, 2011

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As if a definition is necessary. However, for the uneducated, a cunterdike is an individual whom possesses the undesireabe traits/qualities of a cunt and potentially since they’re being quite the asswipe, butch dike.
Ann caught me checking out the crossdesser and called me out for scoping dat ass then called me out in front of everyone. I’m guilty, but to tell everyone; Fucking cunterdike.
by Cebbin November 04, 2018

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