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An acronym for "Shit On The Stairs".

1. (verb); When one consumes excessive amounts of whiskey, usually Irish, resulting in a state of utter inebriation culminating with being awoken to the realization they've erringly used the stairs as a place to defecate

2. (noun); The result in the aftermath when one uses the stairs as a place to drop a deuce often leaving an unpleasant stain
Kev: You're not going to fucking believe this. I was completely annihilated last night and shit on my stairs. I thought it was the toilet! I think I was sleepwalking.

Chris: Bro that's an explosive case of the SOTS. You're fucking filthy.

Kev: The worst part - Ann had to clean it up!
by Cebbin December 26, 2013

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The act of becoming annihilated by consumption of excessive amounts of wine
Hopefully Ann will get all wined up tonight so I can tag that behymen
by Cebbin December 25, 2013

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When someone in your family (i.e. sibling, child, etc.) mistakenly sends a sext meant for their partner to you in error
Kevin: Oh, David sent me a text.
Ann: Yeah, so?
Kevin: Wait... what the fuck... Are these pictures of my brother taking selfies in the mirror naked - and in Darth Vader underwear!?
Ann: What!? No, David! That's a sexterror!
by Cebbin December 26, 2013

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When one attempts to reinvent oneself in the hope of excising or removing one's douche-like qualities
Chris: Mike is such a shitpile. I can't handle it anymore.

Kevin: I don't know, he'd probably say that's 'subjectable'
Chris: How can he? He's a useless twat lip
Kevin: He might not be so bad if he got a doucherectomy
Chris: There's no help for him
by Cebbin December 31, 2013

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The insinuation that a man is acting like a pussy, derived from the stereotype that a woman having her period is a bitch.
Tony: But that mom joke you told hurt my feelings!
Katie: Tony, do you need a manpon?

David: Where'd Tony go?
Kevin: I'd assume to get a manpon. That n00b has been whining all fucking day

Tony: It bothered me. He told me give him a blumpkin, and said something about a wolf cookie.
Kevin: Are you serious? Go get a fucking manpon...
by Cebbin March 13, 2011

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