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For those moments when only a man will do. These moments aren't just sexual but might also be for emotional support and masculine guidance as well.
Lisa needed a manacure desperately before attempting to buy a new car, so she phoned Steve for help.
by Cbranson November 18, 2010
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This is a term used between two or more people (though usually among gay men) to point out a nearby person who is physically appealing to the eye so as not to attract attention to the subject they are looking at.
John: I really like the new schedule they gave me at work.

Jason: Yeah, I am pretty impressed with mine as well. "Meanwhile" (as Jason uses his head and eyes to motion John's attention in another direction).

John: Oh wow! Yeah, definitely. You think he's related? (note that "related" is another gay term used. Check Urban for its definition.
by Cbranson November 18, 2010
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This is a contraction of, " Cop you are late." As we all know, cops aren't the most timely when it comes to an emergency situation and often times show up later than we'd prefer depending on the severity of the situation in question.
Susan: "Copulate and now he's gone."

Officer: "Can you describe the assailant."
by Cbranson November 18, 2010
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This is a term used to describe someone who is considered to be homosexual so as not to draw too much attention to one's sexual orientation while conversing in public. It is another term used in place of "family", as the word "family" has become commonplace.
Brandon: I could have sworn he was related. If I had known he wasn't, I'd have never made a pass at him and embarrassed myself.

David: You're lucky he didn't knock the shit out of you.
by Cbranson November 18, 2010
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Any item or items used in one's yard, in abundance, for ornamental and decorative purposes that would be considered trashy by most peoples standards. It is a combination of the words yard and garbage. It is not to be confused with items often found in a hoarder's yard, as that is simply trash.
Her yard would look so much better if she didn't have so much yarbage. Who decorates their yard with flamingos and gnomes anyway?
by Cbranson November 19, 2010
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