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Spanish for "that's what she said." You can use it in place of "that's what she said" and not many people will know what you're talking about, so you can chuckle to yourself.
Friend: I was amazed at how she just took it all in. You: Eso es lo que ella dijo. Friend: What? You: Exactly.
by Cassie... March 31, 2011
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Community theatre with all roles played only by students in grades K-12.
I just tried out for the show "Alice In Wonderland" that StageStruck is doing. I hope I get in!
by Cassie... January 19, 2011
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*Cell phone rings* Oh, dude I gotta answer my S.T.D.!
by Cassie... January 18, 2011
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Something you say after you hold your hand up for a high five and nobody high fives you back. You would probably do this so you don't look awkward or lame after a turn-down.
Me: Hey you! High five! :) *nothing happens* Oh! Rejected... *smiles and laughs like it's no big deal*
by Cassie... January 17, 2011
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main character of the books "The DaVinci Code," "Angels and Demons," and "The Lost Symbol" all by Dan Brown
Did you read about Robert Langdon's adventures in "Angels and Demons"?
by Cassie... February 3, 2011
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when one is excessively in the mood for phone sex
I was talking to Adriana the other day and all she could talk about was how phone horny she was.
by Cassie... February 15, 2011
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