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1: A concept which is implemented in every modern langauge today. Each different group has it's own rules. People on the internet however, don't.

2: The last name of actor Kelsey Grammer that starred in the series Frasier and Cheers. Only the speech is writing is slightly different in a way that you would spell 'Basterds' in a movie title to get more hits.
1: Hay guys, yesterday i watch a movie that was too good ever.
2: Dude, your grammar sucks.
1: Last night that what you're mom said.

2: That doesn't even make sense.
by Casdebom April 25, 2010
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Not to pay too much attention to someone.
Stephen: You're gonna say Hitler was a racist next!
Hugh: (...)
Stephen: What?
Hugh: Oh, just shut up you blittering twat!

-Here, Hugh was to ignore Stephen-
by Casdebom July 15, 2010
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Everytime a plothole is found in the script of the long-running series Dr. Who, the Doctors line reads 'I'll explain later'. Not by a lack of inmagination, but of time conflicts/paradoxes in the Dr. Who universe.

This line is hugely made fun of in the 'Comic relief' parody starring Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Grant.
Doctor: Let's go...
Rose: How come the Daleks are still alive?
Doctor: hazitates I'll explain later...
by Casdebom June 01, 2010
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(Simple English)

Holland: Actual Name: The Netherlands (Nederland)
Ethnic Groups: 80% Dutch

20% other
Capital: Amsterdam
Population: 16,500,156
Size: 41.526 Square Kilometers
Government type: Democratic Kingdom

The Netherlands is a small country, but very important.
It Has 2 Large Cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world. This has to be so, because the Dutch Economy relies on it.

The official langauge is Dutch. There are also regions where other dialects are spoken.

The country consists of 12 provinces, who all have there own capital. One province Flevoland, was first in the sea, but was dug out later.

Most people think all Dutch people hate germans, but that is not true. Most Dutch people feel absolutely no hatred against the Germans.

Good things that come from Holland are: The Beer, Phillips, Soccer clubs, video games, movie directors, cheese and tulips.

In The Netherlands, Hasj is legal. This worries many people, but it is handled well. Also Prostitution is legal.
The Legal age to drink is 16, to drive is 17.

The Immigrants, can come to the Netherlands, But are mostly treated as second-class people.

Basically you can read everything what Italiano1207 says, and believe the Opposite. He probaply is 12 years old.
Roberto; Yo Mario! Wanna go to Holland this weekend?
Mario; Yes I would like that!
by Casdebom June 25, 2009
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Any television character that is so unlikeable that he/she is actually likeable has House Syndrome. House Syndrome is based on House MD but the syndrome also applies to Lie to Me etc.
1: Yeah man, he totally has House Syndrome. We still cool though.
by Casdebom February 25, 2011
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Shitmeister is a new meme on /b/ spawned from the instance when a britfag on YouTube named Acealiens took a shit on a newspaper, then covered it all over himself. However, the video was deleted an hour after being posted, and he was banned from the tubes. Shitmeister is a good pick to become the next Tubgirl or Goatse. His age is unknown. This is possibly even more disturbing and better than 2girls1cup.
Stephen: Did you saw Shitmeister last night?
Hugh: Isn't it stiffmeister?
by Casdebom April 30, 2010
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Allowing a female hitch-hiker to tag along in exchange for consensual intercourse.
The greatest kick in trucking apart from knocking down a biker is swinging up a roundabout and picking up a hiker. You're chatting up that piece of skirt who's sitting by your side and then pop that crucial question: A RIDE FOR A RIDE?
by Casdebom April 04, 2011
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