Someone who is 300% nigga, hence the prefix "tri".
Real triggas eat chicken.
by Lifs December 29, 2021
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A big white burly homosexual that captains a tug boat and sexually longs to be black. Triggas usually spend their days out the water making Alaskan bobsled pillow sandwiches and dry docking his deck hands while getting a Cleveland steamer from his first mate. While in port, triggas put on the persona of being happily married but once the sun goes down they can usually be found lodged between two Puerto Rican transvestites whom go by the alias of Rico and Suave. Triggas enjoy strawberry-ritas and masturbating to and attending furry parties. While triggas may appear to docile in their natural habitat, they are actually quite aggressive which leads to their over active homoerotic prowess behavior.
1:Wow! Did you see that Trigga take a double Alaskan bobsled pillow sammich from Rico and Suave at the tranny-furry convention last week?
2:Nah man.....but I saw him get a cumcake creampie enema on That nigga totally made Trigga his bitch!
by Cocanonymous October 01, 2014
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1. Shortened noun form of niggas be trippin; a trippin nigga

2. Conjunction of the words trick and nigga; a cheap black prostitute
Example 1:

Cop: what happened?
Partner: some rival gangs had a shoot out over territory boundaries.
Cop: wow, what triggas

Example 2:

Rapper: hey man i need some hookers
Pimp: what kind? i got asian, latina, dominatrix...
Rapper: nah man, i need some triggas
by Mr.Joshy January 26, 2012
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