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To drink a beverage (usually alcoholic) very quickly. Synonym for chug.
Scull! Scull! Scull!
by Anonymous September 02, 2003
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(v trans) to drink (an alcoholic beverage) in a single draught.

Syn. chug

Poss. derived from "skol" a term similar to "cheers!"
There is no bloody way I'm sculling that yard-glass.
by Spootonium October 10, 2004
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To row with an oar in each hand versus both hands on one oar as in sweep in a sliding seat rigged boat that is long and narrow. Usually a single rower. The opposite of the Team Sport of Crew. Great sport for the solitary athlete.
He sculls. She rows but she hates crew.
by RobitJ December 14, 2008
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A rower who uses two oars at the same time, one in each hand; this allows smaller boats to be rowed sculling, than sweep rowing. A pair being the smallest sweep boat with two people each with one oar. A single being the smallest sculling boat, with one person but two oars

To avoid confusion sweep and scull boats are named differently, a four man sweep boat is called simply "four", while a four man sculling boat is called " Quadruple scull" or just "quad"

The abbreviation for sculling boats is the number of rowers in the boat followed by an "x" to denote a scull then a "+" or "-" to denote coxed boats to coxless boats
Coxed Quadruple scull is "4x+"
Coxless Quadruple scull is "4x-"
by Random91010 April 14, 2009
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Rowing that uses two small oars (one on each side) instead of one large one, which is called sweeping.

This can occur in a single, a double, and a quad. Doubles and quads are called pairs and fours when sweeping, but one person could never sweep because you would travel around in circles.
The sculling races will be on Saturday, while sweeping will be on Sunday.
She should focus more on training in a single because she is a good sculler.
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by anaveragepseudonym June 27, 2019
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To scull around; to mill around. To waste time in a lethargic manner, typically playing video games on rust-colored couches in the musty apartments of Ithaca, NY.
"Hey Nate, would you quit sculling around, we got shit to do!"

"I can't stand sculling around like this all day. I need to accomplish a task!"
by Brian Fortitude Bell January 18, 2007
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