16 definitions by Carson

someone who is always hanging out in the same place
Those assholes that are always down at the corner store
by Carson March 01, 2004
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No form of government will ever work completely without compassion. If everyone loved each other then it wouldn't matter what form of government we had. Peace.
by Carson March 14, 2004
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A common form of urine expelled from the body after drinking vodka, yeigermeister or any such form of alcohol. It is a result of the organic matter in the alcohol breaking down, getting you drunk as a skunk and urine that is very pale green in color. Usually results in waking up and not remembering.
Person 1: I drank so much this evening I had green piss.
Person 2: What?!? You better see a doctor.
Person 1: I think its the organics in the vodka I had breaking down.
Person 2: Shit bro, you are fucked up... since when are you a chemist? I bet you think you are a God too!
Person 1: I can see better than Shallow Hal and the ladies had green piss too!
by Carson September 25, 2014
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a person who picks at his/her ass hair after they have wiped there ass and they know there are still little pieces of shit in the ass hair called grungle nut
you are such a fucking grungle nutter bod, u pick ur ass all day.
by Carson March 16, 2005
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An interjection that is used when done with a reminecint story, the story can be good or bad, if bad you might be associated with a wiseass.
person 1 a.k.a. mike:remember that time tim's grandma died?
person 2 a.k.a. jim: yeah, good times.
by Carson December 17, 2004
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1. The lip of your sphyncter.
2. A good name to call someone.
How's your poop lip?
Your a big old poop lip.
by Carson December 06, 2004
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1) very good. intact.*

2) extremely tasty food substance.*

*word often stretched to add effect of how good something is.
1) Girl 1-"Yo, did you see that outfit? That jawn was schmackin!"
Girl 2-"Schmaaaackin!"

2) "I had a milkshake at Hollywood diner... That shit was schmaaaaaaackin!"
by Carson January 22, 2004
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