it means flattery or bullshit. It comes from the Irish kissing frog legend.
Cut the blarney, I know you’re lying.”
by woesmaddOG June 1, 2020
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A long time hero. They say that he is to save the Dragon world "Dragonia" he is ment to wield one weapon the "celtic Dragon"
" Blarney grabbed the celtic dragon and ran towards the enemy"
by Red Dragon February 15, 2004
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1.A word akin to blarg meaning annoyance.

2. The proverbial gift of gab, as shown by the ancient celtics.
1. Blarney, I forgot to do that domn homework.
by Carson November 2, 2004
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A rock hanging over the side of some irish castle, that people go and kiss.
Gis Kiss me blarney stone.
by Gumba Gumba March 19, 2004
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Stone in Blarney Castle near Cork (Ireland) that only tourists/ foreigners kiss to become silver-tongued.
Local residents would never do so 'cause teenagers pee over the stone.
by murks001 July 9, 2009
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A fellatio position such that the giver is positioned on his or her back on a bed with head hanging over the edge and receiver is standing in front of the bed.
Much to the chagrin of her chiropractor, Hallie continues to administer blowjobs in Blarney Stone position in hopes that it may one day afford her a trip to Ireland.
by andyhah1 December 20, 2011
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The wonderful act of ejaculating 14 times into a condom, ropes a plenty, and then proceeding to freeze the condom and use it as a dildo.
I'm so excited for to watch Brad give Kev a blarney stone tonight its going to be amazing. I hope they both fill the condom.
by Bogdan's smasmortion April 12, 2009
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